Easy sunday and a book recommendation

Today was a sunny and a beautiful day. I got to relax by reading this wonderful book. Jussi Valtonen’s They Know Not What They Do won Finland’s most prestigious literary award, Finlandia prize, in 2014. I have been planning on reading it ever since and I’m glad I finally did.


It tells a story of an American top researcher and a Finnish post doc woman who get married, settle in Finland and have a son. Later they get divorced and the researcher moves back to USA. Twenty years later they both have new families and their son has grown up. The perspective changes from the researcher to the Finnish woman and their son and it editorializes the cultural differences, Finnish academic issues, animal testing and technology just to name a few. It is quite realistic and entertaining but has some tint of sci-fi and maybe even thriller in it.

The book has been said to follow in the footsteps of George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. I’m not sure about that but I highly recommend it if you happen to see it somewhere.

Even though this was a very sunny week end and the temperature was nice +1 we took it easy and slow and finally got to snow sled sliding today when the sun was already setting. I have such a big baby belly that I couldn’t participate the sliding but I enjoyed watching my boys having fun outdoors. This is his absolutely favorite winter activity!



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