Vegetable pizza that kids love

Ok, so I have to admit that I’m always looking for recipies that are healthy and tasty and contain as much veggies as possible.

My toddler likes basically only cucumber and tomato so I have hard time making a salad that he would eat. That’s why I always try to include as much different vegetables to warm meals as possible.

He is actually not a big fan of pizza from pizzeria. I think that it’s too salty for him. I was secretly happy on the other day when I went to pick him up from kindergarden and told him “let’s go! Today is a pizza day!” and he replied “no mom! I want to have some REAL food!” 😀

This home made pizza he loves though. You can make any pizza dough you like. For example this one looks good.

As for tomato sauce I used Mutti’s polpa where I added good olive oil, salt, black pepper and dry basil and thyme. Do not use too much tomato sauce because the pizza might get watery.

You can choose any vegetables that you like. For example mushrooms, olives and sun dried tomatos would work well. I used cherry tomatos, zucchini, red bell pepper, onion, feta and mozzarella.

I spread the tomato sauce on the pizza dough. Then I sauteed onion, zucchini and red bell pepper on a pan and put that on tomato sauce.

Then I added cherry tomatos, feta cheese and mozzarella on top of it.

The oven should be as hot as possible, 250c and the pizza should be ready in about 10-15 minutes. If you have time try heating up the baking tray in an oven for couple of minutes before moving the pizza On it but be careful when you are moving the pizza.

To be honest this is not the prettiest pizza I have ever made but it tasted really good and also the kid loved it!

What are your kid’s favourite veggie foods?

Also sorry about my English. I’m so tired for staying up with the twins at night and the toddler during the day that I can’t think straight. I hope that I get to sleep a bit soon.



3 thoughts on “Vegetable pizza that kids love

  1. Looks delish! We love home-made pizzas, too. My daughter’s favourite toppings are mushrooms, capsicum (bell pepper), pineapple, beetroot and feta.

    One of our favourite veggie meals is a giant quiche made with puff pastry and filled with veggies like sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, leek and then eggs and cream and cheese. We eat it with cabbage coleslaw 🙂

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