Greetings from the twins

Time flies currently so fast that it feels impossible. I can’t believe that the babies are nearly one month old.

Everything has gone better than I expected. The babies eat well and sleep well and they haven’t had any stomach problems yet. At first we had the mother in law helping us. My husband has also stayed at home with me to take care of the babies and will stay for a little more. The real challenge will start when he returns to work and I’ll be home alone with the kids. At the moment I think that we’ll be fine. The babies have been easy ones so far. And the spring is just around the corner. It means more light, less dressing up, babies can sleep outside, maybe I can meet friends at the playground… hurry up spring I’m waiting!

We have been playing a lot with the older boy lately and given him one on one time with both mom and dad. We also still eat dinners together every day when the babies are sleeping and that’s when he has time to be with mom and dad both. He loves to talk about his day when we are eating. 🙂 He is also a proud big brother. He helps as much as he can with the babies.

The babies have grown out of their smallest clothes. It’s happy and sad at the same time. How is it even possible to hope that they grow and learn new skills but also feel emotinal when they do? I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of personalities they have but this is probably the last baby year we’ll ever have so it is also sad.

This week end we will have some friends over. Maybe also go sledding now that there is still some snow left and go eat in a restaurant. The boy calls his favorite restaurant “the chef restaurant” and we promised to go there.

Have a lovely weekend!


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