6 things I love right now

1. My family

Ok, this is an obvious one but I had to make it number one on my list. Every day I’m deeply grateful for my family. Only a year ago we were in a completely different situation and the past year was not easy. I appreciate everything we have today and try to make sure that the family knows it too.

 2. Healthy soups

They are easy to make when you are tired. Yesterday I made one with mashed sweet potato, earlier last week I made one with mashed potato and leak and before that a lentil soup. I also like the fact that the soup is usually so big that you can eat it twice or put the rest to the freezer and eat it later when you don’t have time or strength to cook.

They are also healthy. We have had lots of visitors coming over lately. Every time some one comes over I have cake and/or cookies for them. I also eat some myself. It has made it difficult to lose the pregnancy weight. I thought I’d be using  my old clothes by now but I’m not even close. I’m hoping that if I can keep up the healthy food and leave the cookies and cakes when we don’t have that many friends coming over anymore I’d get back in shape.

Soups are also nice comfort food. They are warm and tasty and not too heavy.


3. Cut flowers

I didn’t remember that cut flowers are so bright and beautiful. People have brought us lots of flowers and they really lift the mood up! I have started to buy them myself every now and then as well. Luckily it’s the tulip season and I love the bright colors of tulips.


4. Colic swing for the babies

Luckily our babies don’t have colic but this swing is a blessing anyway. I can put the other baby to the swing while I’m feeding or changing the other one. This means less crying and a happier mom. Our colic swing is Graco’s snuggle swing and I can give it five stars and my recommendations. It’s also quite nice looking one. We bought our swing from a friend and that is not an affiliate link but only my own recommendation.


5. Movable daybed for babies

I hadn’t heard about these movable daybeds with my first son but after hearing lots of recommendations from friends I decided to rent my own. That’s right. I rent it for 4 months and then return it. First I have to say that I think that the business idea is brilliant. It helps a lot during the first months that you can take the baby with you everywhere even though he is sleeping most of the time.

During the couple of months the baby will grow and the small bed will get too small and also the babies can then sleep on their own bed or outside when the mom has learnt that she doesn’t need to check every five minutes if the baby is still breathing (that’s me!). We have found this bed very useful and I like the fact that someone will pick it up after a while and I don’t have to think about selling it. The bed was delivered one day after we ordered it and it will be picked it up from home four months later.


6. Spring!

I started this blog post yesterday when the temperature was +6 c, the sun was shining and snow had nearly melt away and it really felt like spring is just around the corner. This morning the karma hit back when I saw it snowing outside. Noooooo! No more snow! I want flowers! Well the temperature is still above zero so maybe this is just temporary.

On the positive side there is daylight every day little more which gives me strength and lifts my mood up.


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