Finally some sun

Sun! Every year it surprises me how dark, cold and long the winter is. At this time of the year the sunshine feels hopeful. It feels like the sun brings promise of spring. As if the sun was saying “Have faith, the spring is coming!”.

Hang in there buddy, the winter is over soon.

It’s not a secret that the winters are little difficult to me. During the fall I start to feel like staying at home more, eating more and being more quiet. It’s not the cold or the snow that feels so difficult, it’s the darkness. You go to work in the morning in darkness, you come back home in darkness. For months you may not see daylight except through the window at work. It’s really hard for me but I’m glad that now the days are longer and the sun is shining and giving hope for the upcoming summer.

This week was little hard because the twins got flu. It got so bad that we had to take them to the hospital. Poor little ones. Luckily they are better now. But it did get me scared. I didn’t sleep for couple of nights but I’m happy that they are ok now. And the sun is still shining.

I’m smiling for my healthy babies. And the sun. And the upcoming spring.




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