Shrove Sunday and my favorite seasonal delicacy

Yesterday was Shrove Sunday. Especially before there were both Christian and heathen traditions practiced during the shrovetide. It was time of celebration, having fun and eating well before starting the fast and the wait for the Easter. In southern European catholic countries people celebrate carnevale (carne-meat, vale-farewell) at the same time.

In Finnish tradition it was also the celebration of work. Women finished spinning yarn, said goodbye to the past winter and started waiting for summer. Lots of beliefs were linked to this festival and people did many kinds of charms trying to assure a good crop year.

What is left of these traditions is sliding, having fun and eating well. My absolute favorite seasonal delicacy are shrove buns that you can get only during these festivities. The buns have whipped cream and strawberry jam inside and they are  easy to make yourself but this year we bought them. It’s kind of good that we don’t have these all year round! Yammy!

Have a lovely day!


Info from here

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