5 Educational plays

I like the idea of learning through play. I don’t want to set any goals or train the toddler but just play some fun games and maybe learn something while doing it. Here are some of our favorites right now.

  1. Memory game. Choose a number of toys depending on your child’s age. You can start with three. After choosing the toys name them together “so here we have a bus, a garbage truck and a Beetle…”. Then cover the toys with a blanket and tell your child to close his eyes or look away. Take one toy away and let your child guess which one is missing.

  1. How many..? Maybe this should not be called a play but every day I ask him something like how many cars do you have there? How many meatballs you have on your plate? How many crayons? First we did the counting together and now he does it by himself. He is very interested in numbers so now I have started to ask follow up questions like “take two more crayons.. how many crayons you now have altogether?”

  2. Labyrinth. Draw a labyrinth and ask your child to draw through it. Start with an easy one and make them more difficult little by little. This improves his fine motor skills.

4. Guess what color…is the next car you see?  Or just just ask the child to name what color is the car or other toy he’s holding or paw patrol dogs’ vehicles or what ever. Probably everyone does this but it’s still useful.:)

  1. Basketball. I read from somewhere that kids can’t throw balls well anymore. I’m not sure if it’s true but we play often “basketball”. The idea is simply to try to throw a ball into some basket. We also throw the ball to each other. He’s good at throwing it but not very good at catching. But we keep playing (and learning). I should probably buy a bigger ball that would be easier to him to catch. The first version of this game is to sit on the floor and roll the ball to each other.

Do you play some good games that I should try?

Have a lovely day!


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