Baby baby baby

Today I have been packing away the smallest baby clothes. It’s such a cliche but I can’t believe that the twins have grown so much. It feels like they were born yesterday but they are nearly two months old. They don’t even have names yet but some of their clothes are already too small.

I have mixed feelings about them growing. At the same time I’m feeling emotional because this is the last time I have this small babies. Last time I’m physically this close to them. Last time I can feel the baby smell at all times. Last time I google in the middle of the night “is it normal that..?”

At the same time I’m so tired that I don’t know how long I can go on like this. I’m truly looking forward to the time when they sleep all night. I’m excited about them learning new skills and all the firsts that we have ahead of us.

So babies could you please start sleeping all night, learn new skills but stay little for a little bit longer? 🙂

  • Mannamaria

Here is a christening day dress that my husband’s sister made for us. I think it’s really  beautiful. 😊

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