Weird cravings

This is mämmi. Mämmi is weird, brown and thick, and before I agreed with most people that the looks and the taste of it are pretty much in line. It’s a seasonal delicacy. You can find it in stores only during Easter time. It’s not sweet nor salty but it has a very strong taste. You have to put lots of sugar and cream on it to be able to eat it.

Some people like to give mämmi to their foreign guests and then laugh when one can see the disgust on the guests’ faces while they’re eating it. I don’t find that funny (I like to give my guests something that I hope they would like) but who am I to judge.

When I was younger I couldn’t eat mämmi. My mother and grand-mother bought it every year and my face turned when I even saw them eating it. Then I grew little older and started to take a couple of spoonfuls if someone put it in front of me. I still said politely no if they asked if I wanted it.

Only a couple of years ago I hadn’t finished a whole portion. Then one year me and my husband bought one small cup to home and shared it. Next year we bought those cups to each of us and the following year a family sized box. This year we have bought already two of those big boxes and Easter is over a month away. It’s weird that I like it so much these days.

Have you changed your mind about some food?



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