What I’ve learnt lately

My husband returned to work last week after staying at home with us for over a month since the twins were born. The oldest boy is in daycare part-time so some days I’m alone with the twins and other days with all three of them.

I was really nervous about staying at home with all of them but it has gone quite well. Here are a few things that I’ve learnt over these past weeks:

  • I can go out with the babies. I hadn’t been out anywhere where there are people before with the twins. We had only taken some walks. I was scared that the babies might get hungry at the same time and people would stare at me or make nasty comments when the other baby screams while I’m feeding the other one. This week we went to a shopping center and did fine. We even had lunch and I fed them and it was not terrible at all. Maybe next time I can also breath while being there. Haha.
  • I can’t respond to the kids’ needs always immediately. But that’s ok. I might be changing a diaper for the other baby when the other one wakes up but nothing horrible happens though he or she might cry while waiting.
  • I can feed them at the same time. Finally!
  • The first-born is capable of doing more by himself than I knew. Before I have been helping him a lot more when I had the opportunity. He has accepted my help happily but now when I can’t do things for him all the time he does them by himself. How did I not see this before?
  • I can sleep during the day. I thought that I can’t sleep during the day but turned out that when you’re tired enough you can sleep any time. This makes it easier to organize longer sleeping hours in the future when I can plan on sleeping during the day.
  • I can manage. I realized that I survive any situation if I have to. Today both of the babies got hungry at the same time while the older boy was waiting for the lunch I was cooking for him. It got really noisy and I don’t think that I could live with that noise for a long time but for and hour I managed.
  • It’s not always easier with one child. Before I thought that it would be automatically a lot more difficult with two babies than one. I bought all kinds of baby stuff to help us survive this first year with the twins. Now I realize better that that babies are individuals. Well sleeping and eating twins are a lot easier than one baby with allergies or other problems. We were lucky.

Now I have been out alone with the twins but next week I plan on taking it to the next level again and taking the older boy with us. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

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