Party preparations

Next weekend the twins will have their first big celebration. It’s their christening day and we’ll announce their names. Finally!

This weekend we’ve been doing lots of preparations. Couple of weeks ago I decided to organize the party at home instead of church. What was I thinking? There is so much work to do. Seriously.

Here are some things that has happened so far:

Invitation cards: organize a photoshoot to get beautiful baby pictures, order cards and send them to everyone. Then realize that you forgot to take the cosy hats off the babies heads and they look like they were going skiing. (check!)

Christening dress: Try to find the old christening dress that you and your sister and your children have been wearing during the christening ceremony. Call your mom. Your sister. Grandmother. Turn your home upside down trying to find it. Make everyone else turn their homes upside down trying to find it. Blame them for losing it. Blame your husband for losing it. Do not blame yourself for losing it. Finally get a phone call from your sister telling that she found it. (check!)

Outfits: Buy outfits for the twins and the older boy and yourself. Go shopping again since you forgot to buy all the accessories. Go shopping third time since you still didn’t remember to buy tights for yourself. (check!)

Cakes and stuff: Spend numerous nights awake looking for the perfect cake that is beautiful, that you can make but that doesn’t take too much time (you’re too tired for anything too complicated). Make the decision. Change your mind. Change it again. And once more. Finally call a pastry shop and order a cake. (check!)

Next I have to clean the house perfectly and figure out a way to keep it that way until next weekend. I also have some pies, cupcakes, brownies and sort to make.. oh boy what a week we have ahead of us. 🙂

Here are just some random pictures from last week. It’s been quite warm lately so it’s not as snowy as it was a week ago when I took that photo.

Have a lovely week!



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