Proud of myself

Today I drove car for the first time in 6 years! I’m ridiculously proud of myself.

I got my driver’s licence when I turned 18. My dad enrolled me to the driving school and then he bought me an old car saying that after driving that for awhile I could drive anything. Haha. He was right about that but he didn’t know that I didn’t want to drive. I was too insecure about my driving skills. My driving instructor had been really bad and in driving school I ended up being scared of driving instead of enjoying it. I always tell people that I got my driver’s licence only because men can’t stand crying women. Yes. I cried at the driving test. It was not my finest hour. But there I was at the age of 18, insecure about the car I was supposed to drive and my driving skills.

After meeting my husband-to-be I didn’t have to drive anymore. It was a relief. I used the public transportation and my boyfriend drove our car. Eventually my dad stopped asking about my driving and at the same time I was sad because I knew that he was very disappointed at me and relieved because he finally stopped asking. The driving school had been expensive and our family didn’t have any extra money. I can see him thinking that he had wasted lots of money when he had enrolled me.

Over the years I drove our car every now and then but then there was six years when I didn’t start the engine once. Using the public transport was easy and it worked well for me. Even with one child I’d rather use the bus than car. When the years passed it got always harder and harder to sit behind the steering wheel.

But today I did it.

My sister-in-law traveled to Thailand with her boyfriend and they left their car at our parking space. With three kids I’ve started to think that now driving would be easier than using the bus. That I should give it another try and now I had a great chance to do it. I took this opportunity, packed the twins in and started the engine. We drove around for a while. Not much but enough to make me happy. The car we have now is a big family car and I’ve only driven small cars before. It will take a while to learn to drive it well and park it (!!) but I try not to be too hard on myself. I will learn it in time but from now on I try to drive for at least couple of times per week to get better at it.

Now I’ll continue with my party preparations.

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