The christening day

Yesterday was the christening day of the twins. Everything went perfectly as planned. It was a lovely day filled with love and laughter as they say.

I have a bad habit of thinking through something that has happened or something that I’ve done again and again trying to find errors. This time, when I think about the party, I feel like there is nothing I could’ve done differently. There is only one little detail that I regret but even I can say that it was so little it doesn’t matter.

It did take a lot of work though. I used every minute available last week to make preparations. I organized, delegated, baked, cleaned and did shopping. I didn’t update this blog and I slept less than ever.

I wasn’t too stressed though. I believe that as long as there are only family members and friends present at the party nothing can go terribly wrong. They won’t care if I forget to clean the mirrors or if my cookies look like fingers instead of crowns (as they did :D).

But there was still plenty of things to do, schedule and organize. Thankfully we got lots of help. At the end five family members baked something and we bought one cake from the bakery. I had two people helping me clean the house and my sister-in-law made christening dress. My mom took care of flowers and two family members were asked to take photos and video. I’m grateful for everyone who helped us.

Today I’ve done absolutely nothing but eaten cake and relaxed. I will write you more about the party later.


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