Our lovely nanny drives me crazy

We have a new nanny. She is a lovely 62-year-old lady. She is a former cook and has lots of experience as a nanny. She’s been with us now 3 times and made cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, salmon pies and lasagna and lots of cleaning the house. I’m very grateful for her.

The problem is she does too much. For example she looks into all of our cabinets trying to find something, she eats our food (which is obviously ok but I think it would be polite to ask), she washes my laundry without asking and ruins the clothes, she empties the dishwasher without asking and I can’t find anything in the kitchen. She even takes photos of the babies without asking me first. She really makes herself at home.

I know that she wants to be useful. Women of her generation didn’t play with their kids. She seems to think that the kids should play alone while she does domestic work. A woman should keep her home clean at any time. She means well and she is very kind.

At the same time she drives me crazy.

I hope that she would ask me first. I could tell her “please don’t touch my laundry” or “here you can find this and this”.

I don’t know what to do. It’s really hard to think about a way to talk to her without insulting her. In a way she’s like my mom. They do their best. But I can’t go on like this much longer.

Any tips?




3 thoughts on “Our lovely nanny drives me crazy

  1. She sounds amazing and annoying! I always find it so hard to give negative feedback. What about first giving her credit for everything she does and then give guidelines on what is supposed to be her work and what you prefer to do yourself. Maybe a bit more detailed work description can do the trick?
    Good luck! ❤

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    • Thank you! I have actually given her quite a lot positive feedback. I thought that after positive feedback she could take little bit critic as well. But now I feel like I’ve encouraged her to do more and it’s very difficult to talk bring this whole issue up.

      You’re right though, we have to set some guidelines. We just have to. ☺️

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