Lazy weekend

This weekend I’ve been so tired that I decided not to do anything more than the obligatory. No cooking, no cleaning the house, no visitors, no nothing. Our nanny made us lasagna and ground beef soup (and cupcakes!) on Friday which meant that weekend without cooking was possible.

I also asked the husband not to talk about any chores that should be done in near future. The list is too long and I needed a break from worrying of all the things we haven’t done.

We have stayed inside in pajamas, watched Netflix, eaten cupcakes and relaxed. I joined an online yoga school and  been doing some yoga and pilates classes as well. Yesterday I drove (I’m still practicing!) to a flea market nearby and found this unused  Le Creuset -pan for a couple of euros. It’s really cute and hopefully also practical! 😊

What a wonderful weekend!

Today a friend of mine is coming over to look after the twins for couple of hours and I’m planning on going for a long walk and maybe having a cup of coffee somewhere in peace and quiet.

Enjoy your week end!


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