The difficulty of relaxing

Yesterday I got couple of hours to myself. A friend came over to look after the twins and the husband headed to the Angry birds park with the boy. I planned on going for a long walk and maybe having a cup of coffee somewhere in peace and quiet.

When the friend arrived I rushed out of the house waving cheerfully. This me time was something that I needed so bad! I started walking and came up with an idea of going to a shopping center nearby. There are lots of coffee shops there, I was thinking.

On my way there I remembered that the boy needed new shoes so when I reached the shopping center I went to look for them in couple of stores. While I was looking for the shoes I remembered that the twins needed new windfleeces and actually there was something I needed from the pharmacy. My head was spinning when I thought about all the things I should do while I was there and had the opportunity.

I spent so much time on shopping that when I eventually sat down to eat aΒ salad I had to hurry to get back at home in time.

Not relaxing me time at all. I couldn’t calm my mind when I should have.

While eating the salad I messaged the husband and the friend at home. Everything was fine with them. It was sunny and warm and the boy was having fun at his favorite playground.

I felt stupid having spent all that time inside in the shopping center. After finishing the salad I bought a coffee and let lady Starbucks accompany me home.

On my way home I breathed in and out, enjoyed the sun and the coffee and relaxed a little.

It was hard to get to that point and now I need to find ways to relax when I can. Calm my mind every now and then. In the evening I tried meditation but I’m not sure about that yet. I need to do it a couple of times more. Any tips are welcome!

Have a lovely week!



8 thoughts on “The difficulty of relaxing

  1. I tend to do the exact same thing. Spending my valuable me-time fixing something for the family. It’s so annoying! You have my sympathies! ❀ what about making a more detailed plan about what to do next time? Or go somewhere it’s impossible to fix anything for anyone?

    I love bringing a book to a coffee shop or bringing the dog for a hike in an area I rarely visit.

    For your meditation my tip is to do it after a high intensity work out. I find it much easier to relax my mind if my body is dead tired πŸ˜‰
    Good luck, take care of yourself ❀

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    • Thank you for the tips and the wishes! It’s surprisingly hard to remember to look after oneself when you are spending all your time taking care of others. πŸ™‚

      Taking a book to a coffee shop is a really good idea! I’ll do that. I love reading but I feel like I never have time for it anymore. πŸ™‚

      I will try to do the meditation after a good work out. It might help calm the mind as you said. I’ve read your meditation posts and they have inspired me to try it out. πŸ™‚


  2. I am exactly the same! I spend my normal time tidying and doing laundry and decluttering when I should be sleeping. And I try to get out once a week or so for some ‘me-time’. Usually I end up perusing the charity shops for toys for the twins, because I don’t have my double buggy so it’s easier! Oh and buying them books. Sigh x

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    • I almost wrote that I’m glad you can relate but in this case.. maybe not. πŸ™‚ I love perusing self-service flea markets and find that quite relaxing to be honest! It’s so rewarding to find something for the kids.

      I have been planning on starting a yoga or some other regular class that would be every week at the same time. That way I wouldn’t have to make any arrangements to get that (real) me time regularly. πŸ™‚ This easier said that done though!


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