The magical bedtime story

Have you heard of the book Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep? Did you try it and did it work?

We didn’t have big problems with falling asleep but after the twins were born the evenings got worse with the boy. Nothing serious but it took 30-45 minutes and some arguing for him to fall asleep.

I wanted to find a gentle way to ease our evenings. I found this book and ordered it to a book shop but before I got it I found it on sale.

This book is written by a Swedish behavioral scientist Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin. It’s meditational and written in a specific psychological techniques that will help your child to relax and fall asleep.

The author claims that the book will help anyone nod off instantly while listening the book.

We’ve been reading the book for the past week. During the weekend we advanced clocks by one hour.

Did this book work for us?

First night the boy was confused and kept asking why am I saying his name, as the book suggests using the child’s name in some parts of the story. “How does the book know my name?” I didn’t have a very good answer to him. I also read it too loud and fast. The boy did relax while listening and after I got to the end he fell asleep.

The second and third night were worse and it took quite a while after finishing the story that he fell asleep. He wanted to comment the pictures on the book and ask questions.

Then I decided that he can pick up a story that we read before the rabbit story. I was thinking that he might relax during that story and then fall asleep during the rabbit story. I also kept trying new techniques with my voice and my way of reading.

Nothing seemed to help. He wanted to listen the story to the end.

Then I decided that I will stop reading when I see him calming down and looking like he might fall asleep. If I continued reading at that point he continued to listen. And that worked quite well. He fell asleep half way through the book.

With us the book didn’t work as well as I had hoped but I like the idea of it so much that I will continue reading it. Maybe after reading it time after time it will get so boring for him that he will fall asleep instantly.

Good night every one!


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