5 reasons why having 2-month-old twins is awesome

This week I got my first “I’m sorry” comment from someone who heard that I have baby twins. It left me speechless though I know I have lots of work with them and often mentioned benefits of having twins seem to be in rather distant future.

I try to find the positive in every situation and inspired by this I decided to think of 5 wonderful facts of having baby twins since our life is actually not bad at all. Tiresome and busy yes, but not bad.

Here is the list I came up with:

1. Double amount of toothless smiles. Having twins means double amount of waking up at night, changing diapers and spending money. But it also means double amount of smiles, love and laughter.

2. Audience for my piano playing. They are the first people ever who actually like to hear me playing the piano. They fall asleep always when I start playing. Or maybe it’s because I’m terrible and boring and they rather sleep than listen. I don’t know but I’m happy it works.

3. Easy to get to know people. Every time I leave the house with them someone comes to talk to us. Twins seem to be interesting and often people share their story of twins they know. We just moved to a new neighborhood and it’s nice to get to know people.

4. Two different personalities. It amazes me every day how different their personalities are. I love getting to know them better each day. The other one is very laid back. He eats well and sleeps well and can spend a long time in the  baby swing just looking around. The other one is very lively and active and when awake she wants to be held. She also cries like a little dragon if the service is too slow.

5. People offer to help. With one child we didn’t get much help but with twins people know that it’s hard. We’ve had our parents and friends help and even the city we live in offers us a nanny service. During these two months, my husband and I have been on more dates than during the first year with our first born son.

Let me know if you have something else to add!

Have a nice week end!


12 thoughts on “5 reasons why having 2-month-old twins is awesome

  1. Really? I’m sorry to hear that.

    I’m so happy that our city pays for the nanny for us. All help is welcome and it truly makes all the differece. It keeps me going when I know that after couple of days she comes and I can do what I need to do, sleep or whatever.


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  3. Lovely post and I can relate! Some people’s reactions at work were in all honesty quite cruel when I replied to their pregnancy question with “I’m having twins”, though I was always so excited about it. I agree on looking at the bright side! Take care! 🙂 Ps. Can you please come over and play some sleepy piano for our twins too?? 😉 hahah (No, seriously though! Please?)

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    • I can’t understand how anyone could think that it’s ok to say something cruel to any pregnancy news! They must think that they’re being funny 🙄. And sure I come play the piano! Mary had a little lamb was our favorite piece. 😄 Meanwhile check youtube for some sleepy piano music. 😄

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      • The crying isn’t that bad right now, luckily (though when it’s two babies againts one adult it’s a challenge), but we’re just so super sleepy from all the night feeding… 30 min sleep here, another 45 min there… lucky if there’s a two hour silent break at night but falling asleep isn’t always easy for me either. Anyway, you probably know all of this from your first months 😊 The babies’ smiles and laughs really make up for everything though! They’ve both started laughing out loud, saying “hahah” or “heh” 😆💕

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      • Actually our babies have always been good sleepers at night (besides that one short period around a month ago) but the other one cried a lot during the day. Oh well, everyone has their challenges. Baby laugh is unbelievably cute! Enjoy it! 🙂 ❤

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