The baby box 2017

In Finland we have this thing called baby box. The state has given it to all expectant mothers for more than 75 years and the program (enabling also free prenatal care and parenting information) has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rate.

New updated box is revealed every year. It’s still considered a valued asset and the new box is even featured on national news.

Here is the baby box 2017: 2017_Kaikki_tuotteet
It contains lots of clothes, blankets and other new born necessities. When our son was born in 2014 I ordered the box and waited for it anxiously. When the box came I carried the box (it’s big!) to the living room and spread the clothes on the floor. 😀 My mom saved my baby box from the 80’s for me and I will save this box for my son.

Mostly we used  the sleeping bag, winter clothes and the small necessities like baby scissors, hairbrush, thermometer and the little book there is.

This time with the twins we didn’t take the box. We chose to take the money (which is approximately 30 % of the value of the box) instead.

I really like the new box though. It’s just that the winter clothes would have been too big this winter and small next winter. Also now that we already have those small necessities we don’t need another set.

But the new box! My favorite products this year are the sleeping bag, light snow suit and the jumpsuit.


Every year the clothes get critic for the colors being more for boys. I get this but I would wear these also for girls. Finding fresh unisex patterns and colors is not easy and these are quite bright and happy.

In 2014 the box didn’t contain a cuddly toy and I find this puppy adorable. The towel and the bib were useful as well.

What do you think of this box?

Have a lovely day!



More info and sources:

BBC: Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes
Independent: ‘Every child is equal’: How Finland’s baby boxes changed childhood
NY Times: Why Finland’s Newborns Sleep in Cardboard Cribs

Info source

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