Unnecessary whining

I hate whining for things that can’t be changed (like weather), things that you don’t even want to change (like having small babies) or small details (that are not worth whining for). Whining takes a lot of energy and creates negativity. I want to avoid it.

I always try to find the positive in every situation as you can see in this post. See how I’m explaining myself? I find it hard to admit but today I kept whining about very silly things. Quite easily I found the downward spiral where nothing seemed right.

I was whining about the weather that is still very cold, the rhythms of the babies though I know they don’t really have a proper daily rhythm yet. I was unhappy with something that was done at the daycare and even the coffee seemed colder than normally.

It wore me out. The more I nagged the worse I felt and I also found more and more things that weren’t right. As if there was only piles of laundry, cold lunch and continuous crying (on babies’ behalf) left.

When my husband came home and I started nagging to him about something, he kindly pushed me out of the door for a walk.

It was sunny and it was warm. I breathed in and out and walked to a local flea market. I found many nice things. I talked with the very kind owner of the place. I walked back home and found the family doing whatever they were doing.

I was ashamed. It did good to get out of the house for a little while. I should have done something to stop this behavior earlier. I wasted hours to this negativity.

I really wouldn’t change anything in my current family life, I cannot change the weather and other things are really small enough details that none of them is worth wasting negative energy for. If there is something I will try to learn from this day it’s trying to stop it before it gets too bad and not to swell in it.

What do you think about complaining about weather and other things? Does it bother you?

Have a beautiful day!


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