Spring delights

To balance yesterday’s negativity I wanted to share with you some spring delights that bring me joy and happiness at this moment.

Here is a list of things I love this season:

  • It’s sunny. The weather has been sunny for a while and gives me so much energy! Now it’s lovely to hang out at the playground with the boy. He loves to play outside in every weather but I like it more like this.
  • It’s warm. Ok, it’s not THAT warm but it’s warmer than a month ago. And the snow is gone. Hopefully we don’t see more snow before summer. The boy would love it though!
  • The first flowers are blooming. And the garden is waking up after winter. Soon I can harvest the first rhubarbs!
  • Tulips. Tulip season is almost over but you can still find some beautiful colorful bouquets. One of the reasons I love the tulip season is that I feel like it’s one of the first signs of spring.
  • It’s bright. One of the good things about summer in Finland is that it’s bright nearly 24 hours a day. Today the sun sets at 8:17 p.m. (I checked the exact time!) and it’s getting brighter every day. The boy is confused about bedtime though and every evening I hear an argument “it’s not dark yet hence I don’t have to go to bed”.
  • Summer planning. Almost as fun as the summer itself is spring when you can plan all kinds of activities and holiday plans for the summer. This year we will probably spend the summer in Finland (maybe visit Estonia or Latvia) and save a trip abroad for autumn. Maybe a trip to the Moomin world this summer?
  • Happy people. After the long, dark and cold winter it’s always nice to see the change in Finnish people. During the winter people seem very serious and busy trying to avoid any contact to other people. On spring it seems like someone lifted a weight of their shoulders and they open up, start smiling, talking and walking a bit lighter.

That’s it for now! Have a lovely day!


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