Easter vibes

Today thousands of kids dress up like Easter witches (nowadays also bunnies or black cats) and walk from door to door offering their blessings of good health and prosperity for the following year. When you open a door for them, they’ll first ask if you would like to have a blessing and after hearing a yes they wave self decorated willow budding branches and say this traditional poem in rhyme that ends with “twig for you and reward for me”. They give youย the twigย and expect an Easter egg or other candy as a return.

We made these twigs with the boy previously this week and today we’ll go to the grand parents to wish them well. I forgot to buy candies to the possible little witches coming to our door so I made this little plate from what I found from home for them to choose from. I hope not too many of them shows up. ๐Ÿ˜€

We also planted the Easter grass. I didn’t remember to buy seeds this year so we used the ones from last year. I hope they still work! This year I tried planting them in a slightly different way. Guess what material is the white one? It’s a diaper! We’ll see how it works.

I’m going to buy some decorative chicks to put to the grass if it grows. Maybe we’ll paint some eggs and put them there as well. I really hope the seeds still grow.


I am a big fan of these Easter traditions. Next weekend we are going to a family gathering for an Easter dinner but other than this we don’t have more traditions.

What kind of Easter traditions you have?

Have a lovely weekend!




7 thoughts on “Easter vibes

  1. Your Easter traditions resemble our Halloween in the USA. For Easter people have Easter baskets with pretend grass and eggs. We dye real eggs. People go to church and have communion. Easter dinner with family is next. Wonderful post. Happy Easter!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฃ

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