20 questions

I saw this questionnaire in one of my favorite blogs: Start living your best life. I thought it was a nice way to share something personal. 🙂

My name is… Mannamaria is a nickname that my Italian family used when I lived with them. I liked it and it has stayed with me ever since.

Some people call me… I really don’t have nicknames other than this. When I was a child I envied people with many nicknames. Now I’m ok with it. 🙂

I was born in… Helsinki mid 80’s.

When I grow up I wanted to be… a teacher or a hairstylist. Every girl in my class wanted to be a hairstylist. 🙂

My best 3 characters are… living in a moment, being able to find the positive in nearly any situation and working hard for my goals.

My near future plans involve… sleeping as much as possible.

My favorite city is… Rome. New York. Stockholm. Paris. Helsinki. I really can’t decide. Every one of them for different reasons.

My favorite song at the moment is… I haven’t listened to radio or my music for months! I keep singing Paw Patrol and Postman Pat theme songs all day long… 😀

My favorite restaurant and meal there are… I like exploring new restaurants and to be honest I don’t have a restaurant that I would always end up going back to. In Helsinki there is a place called Juuri where I have been many times and would take my foreign guests to. Their sapas’ (Finnish tapas) are amazing. But I haven’t been there now for over a year.

My favorite drink is… soda water and from drinks with alcohol it’s champagne!

My favorite TV-show right now is… I don’t have time to watch tv but couple of months ago we watched The Crown from Netflix and I really liked it.

My favorite cosmetics products at the moment are… Lumene’s Time Freeze skincare products.

The favorite app in my phone is… WhatsApp

What do you pack when you travel? An insane amount of things for the kids and a little backpack for me and the husband.

What do you do at home when no one can see you? Use my yogaia app. I’m terrible at yoga.

Your latest interior decoration purchase… We bought a new TV last week. Is that interior decoration? At least it’s in a very visible place in our living room.

Your latest Whatsapp-message? A heart and a thumb up from the husband. 🙂

Best way to spend 50 euros? At the moment I would spend it on some spa treatment.

My bravura in the kitchen? I’m good at making pasta and all sorts of salty pies.

For a friday night feast I buy..? Pizza and chocolate!

This is me! Have a lovely week!


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