A story of a crying baby

First weeks our baby boy was as happy a baby as one can be. I was even a little worried because he slept a lot and seemed almost phlegmatic. We kept saying that he is a very laid back and easy going boy.

After a few weeks he started to stay up in the evening for a couple of hours and we were happy since it usually meant the he would then sleep almost full night. He would eat a lot during the evening which we thought was good since it would then help him sleep a longer period.

Sometimes he would eat so much that he would cry because of stomach problems but after carrying him around the situation would get better and he would end up falling asleep happily without any problems.

Quite soon we were carrying him around all evening trying to help the stomach problems with good success on some evenings and not so much on the others. Often when the baby boy was crying the baby girl would do the same only out of empathy. She didn’t seem to have stomach problems of her own and she would fall asleep immediately after the boy calmed down. With two crying babies we tried to put the first born son to bed. This was nearly impossible mission in such noise and the older boy would be cranky since he didn’t get the attention during the bed time he deserved. Every one in the house suffered from this heart breaking crying.

After a very bad evening the baby boy sometimes slept for 24 hours only waking up to eat. That’s when the others could rest a little too.

Eventually we got to a point were the crying started every evening at 6 and ended around 9:30. It was heart breaking and frustrating not being able to help the baby. I felt also like a horrible mom not being able create a calm environment for the older boy to fall asleep in. The crying started regardless of our eating or not eating before it and also if we were not at home. And absolutely nothing helped with it. We tried everything we could think of or find from the Internet.

We read that baby colic starts always before the age of three weeks. If it’s true this was not colic though the other symptoms would indicate so.

During the day the babies were happy and I kept thinking that I had imagined the whole thing. That it really was not as bad as I thought it was. That I just had a wrong attitude and I was being negative and finding and creating problems when we really didn’t have them. I blamed myself for the situation.

It didn’t seem to get better and after a couple of weeks I contacted a refloxologist who came for a visit. The baby was in a very good mood smiling and babbling for her when she treated him and again I was thinking that she must think that I asked her over for nothing.

After the visit the crying stopped. We still have to hold him all evening but that calms him. It’s such a good feeling to be able to help him. I felt really helpless a while back. Maybe we’ll do a couple of treatments more to really normalize this situation but I’m already happy with this positive turn. Our evenings are quiet again.

I will update the story later when we know if this was a permanent solution.

Please share your story and tips.

Have a beautiful day!



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