The boy who loves big machines and our trip to see them

Last week the boy had two big events. First, we went to see big machines, and on weekend he had his birthday party.

My boy loves all kinds of vehicles. Ambulances, fire trucks, buses, garbage trucks, tractors, sweepers, diggers, dump trucks, you name it. If we see some interesting vehicle while walking somewhere we have to stop to watch it go.

That’s why he was extremely excited to go see the big machines to a nearby vehicle depot. The trip was organized by an employee of a local playground and lots of enthusiastic children participated.

The workers were there to answer questions and lift kids up to sit inside the vehicles. My son is a bit timid and he only wanted to go sit in one small tractor. First he didn’t want to go even there but finally he was unbelievably happy when he found the courage to do so. Eventually we were last ones to leave the site since he didn’t want to leave the tractor!

For him, this trip was better than any amusement park. A real dreamland. He ran around from one vehicle to another and asked me all kinds of questions but was too shy to talk to the workers or let me talk to them.

The only thing was that it was really cold. This spring has been really cold. The workers at the site said that they still haven’t been able to wash the streets because the temperature drops below zero at night and the water they spray would freeze in the morning and make the streets slippery. The end of the week was warmer and I hope that it gets better now.

What is your children’s favorite attraction for a visit?

Have a lovely week!


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