Could Santa Claus Come to My Birthday Party?

Last weekend we celebrated our three year old little man. He was so excited about the party that he hardly slept the night before and didn’t take his nap on the day of the party. Even so, he welcomed every guest cheerfully and was such a good host.  He had had three wishes for the party:

Gift? – a car with a bow
To eat? – cake and only cake
Guests? – Santa Claus

He had wished Santa Claus already to twins’ christening and was a little disappointed that only priest came to that event. This time we didn’t get Santa Claus but fulfilled the other wishes. He did get a lot of presents so I don’t think he remembered to miss Santa that much.

He is a big fan of Paw Patrol hence I made a little decorating. I found these free printables from Nickelodeon: birthday banner, stickers, cupcake toppers (no affiliate) Especially the birthday banner was really nice and many people asked were I had bought it. There would have been so much more to print but our guests were mainly adults so maybe next year I’ll do more.

Being very tired with the twins I was grateful that our nanny did all the baking for the party and I didn’t have to stress about that.

The boy already had so many cars that I didn’t believe that he would possibly be happy to get more, but after receiving 13 new cars the grin on his face was wider than ever. He hasn’t left them for a minute. And during the past days, I haven’t heard even once “can I use iPad?”. He took one of the cars to bed as a bedtime toy and the first thing he told me this morning was “mommy, when I opened my eyes I saw this car and started to play with it right away”.

He really likes cars.

Here are some photos of the party. 🙂

Have a nice day!


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