The first 3 months with the twins

The twins are now three months old. Time seems to fly faster than ever. I’m still waiting for the spring to come. I can’t believe it snowed yesterday. Snow! At the end of April? On New Years Eve the husband raked the yard and now that the barbecue season should start we get snow. Oh well. Sometimes I feel like moving somewhere warm.

The past month brought some hardships when the boy got colic right after the christening party. I wrote about that here. The refloxologist really helped and situation has been good after her visit. I still have some worries but everything is pretty much ok right now.

The babies have started to “talk” with us. They babble back when you talk to them and they smile that big smile that lights up their whole face and makes it impossible not to smile yourself.

The boy learnt to turn from stomach to back. He also tries to pull himself up to sitting position when I’m holding him. The girl likes to have her service and is not that eager to practice moving or other skills yet.

In many ways they are really different. I don’t know why that surprises me since it’s obviously the case with nonidentical twins but one thing they both like is hanging out with each other. Before I felt like they didn’t even realize there was someone else next to them but now that they have started to get more interested in other people they also notice each other.

One day they were both awake at the same time and both wanted to be held. For a while, I carried them around in turns until I finally decided to put them on the floor facing each other. And it worked! Ever since they have been keeping each other company every once in a while. This realization made my life a lot easier.

The big brother is still only happy to have little sister and brother. Every day he wants to hug them and kiss them and help looking after them. We have paid a lot of attention on giving him enough time alone without the babies and I think this is something we have done right. He hasn’t acted out or been jealous in any way.

The babies sleep their naps outside but other than that we haven’t been out much because of the cold weather. For the next month, I’m hoping that we could move our life little more outside and the weather finally gets better.

Have a nice first of May!


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