Making new traditions – case Vappu

Yesterday we had a big carnival, public picnic day, opening the barbecue season or hangover. Whatever you chose. Vappu. To my eyes, the first of May has always been a student party. It’s a public holiday and originally celebrated by workers but studying until the age of 28 made me see it solely as a student party.

After having children we have been kind of in a tradition gap when we let go the student party traditions and started forming new ones for the whole family. This year we went on Sunday to one public family gathering. They had a fire truck for children to look at and fire fighters to answer questions and pose in pictures with the kids. My son was excited! The rest of the day we spent with family friends. I made doughnuts myself for the first time and they were soooo good!

We saw a first of May miracle in weather and in one day the temperature rose 15 Celsius and the sun came out. Yesterday we opened the barbecue season and had some friends over. Finally, the spring is really here!

Traditional way of spending this day would have been to join a massive picnic with tens of thousands of other people in one of the biggest parks in Helsinki but with small children we decided to stay at home this year.

I’ve been at that picnic nearly every year since I turned 16. Some parts of me would still like to hold on to these old traditions that we had while the other parts are excited to create new traditions. How contradictory!

I didn’t remember to take that many photos but here are some new ones and some that take me down the memory lane to these old vappu’s and the picnic.

Have you had difficulties in letting old traditions go and making new ones?



If you want to know the story behind the cap, this expat blogger explains it well here.



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