Starting The Baby Food Factory

The twins are 4 months old and it’s time to start thinking about solid food. With the older boy I waited until he was 6 months old but this time we’re ready earlier.

Stage 1 baby food is soft cooked and thinly puréed. This food is also lowest on the allergy scale and should be those veggies that are easiest digested by tiny tummies. You should start by introducing single ingredient at a time and 4 days apart with introducing new ingredients. (1)

This time I have started by making sweet potato and carrot purées. The babies will start tasting with such small amounts that I froze these self made purées as ice cubes. This way it’s easy to take one cube at a time and later I can mix and match different flavors.

Our girl is definitely ready for the purées. She seems excited to see the spoon and opens her mouth nicely. She doesn’t seem to get any stomach problems and is as happy as a baby can be.

Our boy on the other hand has always had problems with eating and he has had quite much stomach problems. I’m not sure if trying some solids has made it worse or not but with him I’ll take it slower. Trying even smaller amounts first and introducing new ingredients slower.

Next I think that I’ll try avocado (not frozen obviously!). Then maybe some fruit.. plum? I’m glad the summer is ahead and we have lots of fresh veggies available and even more to come. 🙂

Please share your tips and thoughts. 🙂

Have a nice week end!


5 thoughts on “Starting The Baby Food Factory

  1. Hey there!
    I also started my twin girls with carrot purees and I did the whole freezing purees in batches thing 🙂
    I also started giving them purees a little earlier than what most books or parents recommend – at 4.5-5 months. The reasons were that I felt that they no longer seem satisfied and well-fed with breastmilk and that they were showing interest in what my husband and I were eating. Parents know their children best 🙂
    I started them with carrots and had them have that for a week then introduced one vegetable every week to better keep track of allergies.
    They also loved parsnips and sweet potatoes!

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    • Hey! Thank you for sharing your experience! Parents do know their children best. 🙂 I could breastfeed them only for three months and they have always had quite much baby formula. That’s why I think it’s good to start solid foods. Especially our girl seems ready. 🙂 Parsnip is a great tip! I will put that high on my list. ☺️

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  2. Hey there! 🙂 Now it’s time for us to start this – yikes! Anxious and nervous! Me, that is 🙂 The babies are interested in my meals so I guess they are ready. We are going to start with self-made carrot purée too, we were going to start today actually but one of the boys has a bit of an upset stomach so maybe we will postpone…. though it would’ve been easier to start during the weekend with hubby at home. How did your avocado tasting go? Our nurse told us that everything needs to be cooked, not raw at this stage, but then she mentioned avocado and contradicted herself. Hmm.


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