What a week

I’ve been alone with the kids for 10 day now. My husband has worked overtime and was working last week end as well. Yesterday was a public holiday and he was with the kids and I got some free time but today he’s working again and is gone both day and night.

The first week went quite well. We tried a new formula for the baby boy and it was not good for him so he cried a lot for couple of days but then it got better. Then came the week end and I was quite tired but I had known this for a while and thought I was well prepared for it so it went quite ok. Thank heavens the weather has been good so it’s been easy to let the boy out when the babies were sleeping outside in their pram.

But then the Monday hit. And it hit quite bad. These past days I’ve been tired. Maybe even exhausted. I’ve fallen asleep this week every night around 8 when I’ve been putting the boy to bed. I haven’t been able to keep the house tidy and we’ve eaten fish fingers and other stuff from the freezer. I’m not proud of myself.

Today when the nanny was here in the morning I cleaned the house and cooked something for the week end so don’t worry. We’re ok now.

I’ve written some drafts but nothing I could publish yet. I’m waiting for the week end anxiously.

I hope I have time and strength to write something more over the week end.

Until then, have a lovely week end!



Below some wise words from our former president.

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