Live like it was the last day of summer

Since you never know what’s going to happen with the weather we have been trying to enjoy the sun and warmth lately. We have spent a lot of time outdoors, playgrounds and our backyard.

We made a sandbox for the boy and you should have seen his face! He was so excited. And sooo dirty afterwards. I’m not sure if we thought this whole sandbox in our backyard thing quite through. 😀 The mother-in-law was here to help for couple of days so we could do all sorts of things. This sandbox for example.

The summer could be over any day so now is the time to do all the summer things we want to do. Here’s another list I made. It’s about summer activities that I would like to do before fall.

  • Eat outside as much as possible
  • Have a barbecue as often as possible
  • Have a picnic in some nice park or for example Suomenlinna fortress island
  • Heat up the sauna (with wood) and sit outside in the summer night after going to sauna
  • Eat lots of ice cream
  • Make a strawberry cream cake using the first Finnish strawberries
  • Go out to have a glass of wine with friends and leave the kids home
  • Keep the garden neat
  • Let the boy play outside with water as much as he pleases
  • Go to the outdoor swimming venue
  • Go to the beach and swim in the sea
  • Swim in a lake
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go to the amusement park
  • Go to an domestic animal farm
  • … and a real farm, byre, barn etc.
  • Go pick up berries for freezer for winter
  • Spend some time at our summer cottage

We’ll need many sunny days to be able to do it all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we do. It’s kind of funny and sad at the same time to live in a place where you really don’t know about the weather. Literally everyone is excited when the sun is shining, and the atmosphere is great everywhere you go. People are really happy and smiling! But the reason for that is that this could end any day. Well anyways, let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

What are your favorite summer activities? Are there some must-dos?

Have a lovely day!


This is our apple tree. I love those flowers.


3 thoughts on “Live like it was the last day of summer

  1. So nice that you live in a house with so much space for the children to be out in the garden to play and run about! And a sauna? Wow! It’s a silly question but is it common for the Finnish who have houses to also have a sauna?
    Great weather in summer just puts everyone in a good mood and people treat each other much better somehow. Our favourite summer activities are going to the park for a picnic, eating lots of ice cream and going to the beach 🙂

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    • Yes the big yard was something that we tried to find when we were looking for a new home last time. I love it though it requires lots of maintenance!

      Every house here has a sauna (or two). It’s either inside the house or a separate building or both. Also flat apartments usually have own saunas. This is a sauna nation. 🙂 Interesting fact (in my opinion :D) ‘sauna’ is the only Finnish origin word that has spread world wide to other languages.

      Your favorite summer activities are quite similar to mine! 🙂


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