Mommy’s day off

Approximately once a month I get a proper day off. A day to spend with friends and do whatever I want. Our evenings are a one big holabaloo so I try to be back by 6 p.m but you can do a lot of things before that.

Last Saturday I met a friend in Helsinki centre and we went out to have some lunch and a glass of wine. I’ve told you before that I love my home town and here are some more photos of the beautiful Helsinki. 

This place is called ‘Löyly’. Impossible to pronouce for foreigners but one of the best places to visit in Helsinki right now. There is a sauna that you can visit and then swim in the sea of you like but I’ve never done that there. 

The day was sunny and warm. Food and wine were good, company was excellent and I came home smiling. I love days like these. They give boost to everyday life with kids for a long time. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that whenever I publish photos of my favorite locations, it’s always with a sea view. I really love the sea. 💕

Have a lovely week!


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