A day of twin life

People often ask me how is it like to have twins. Of course twins are as unique as any other babies, some are easier than others, but in all honesty our every day life is quite hectic or at times even chaotic. I feel like I’m in an endless circle of warming milk bottles, changing diapers and putting someone to sleep. With our first born son we already had more structured days at this point. With the twins every day is different. Some are more structured than others.

I decided to write down our happenings for one day. This was written last Friday. It was a National holiday (Midsummer) so the hubby was at home. Usually people go to their summer cottages for this holiday but we were too tired to leave the city. The babies got ill on Saturday and that might be a reason why they didn’t sleep or eat well the day before.

Here is how the day with the twins went:

03:00 Baby M (girl) eats and continues to sleep.

05:00 Baby L (boy) eats and falls back to sleep.

06:50 Both of the babies wake up. I give a milk bottle to M hoping that she would fall back to sleep for a little while. I go change diaper to baby L and dress him up. When I come back the older kid, N, has woken up and is talking to the baby on her bedside. He’s amazing.

I warm up a milk bottle to the baby L (who doesn’t want to eat) and change diaper to the baby M and dress her up.

7:20 The hubby, J, makes oatmeal to N. They eat breakfast (it’s oatmeal with strawberries) and I play with the babies.

After finishing his breakfast the kiddo watches cartoons.

7:45 I change diaper to baby L.

8:00 The babies get tired so we dress them up for their first nap. They sleep outside in their pram. L finishes his morning milk. J goes out with them and I eat breakfast.

8:15 The babies are asleep and me and the hubby take a cup of coffee and join N to watch some cartoons.

9:00 J and the kiddo go out to mow the lawn and play. I do some chores. Our lawnmower got broken a week before so they borrow one from the neighbors. N is excited about this ‘new’ lawnmower. He also has his own toy lawnmower that he uses to ‘finish up’ after daddy.

9:25 Baby M wakes up.

9:40 Baby L wakes up.

9:50 I warm up milk for both of them but they’re not hungry yet.

10:15 I change diaper to M.

10:30 J and the kiddo come in. J changes diaper to L while I start preparing lunch with N. The babies get tired so J feeds them and takes them back out to sleep. The lunch is prepared so I continue with my chores.

11:50 L wakes up.

12:00 It’s lunch time. We’re having salmon and potatoes with sour cream sauce. I had planned on making also a salad but am too tired for that.

12:15 M wakes up. We eat holding the babies.

12:40 I change diaper to L. N goes to bed for his nap. J changes diaper to M.

12:50 We get a video call from the grand parents. N was already in bed but runs out to talk with them.

13:15 Video call ends. N runs back to bed and we put the babies out to sleep again.

13:25 All kids are asleep. Coffee, please!

13:55 M wakes up, eats and continues to sleep.

14:50 M wakes up just as we are getting ready to leave for a Midsummer family gathering. I change her diaper and put her to the car safety seat.

15:10 L hasn’t woken up so we move him from the pram to his car seat.

15:20 We are all already sitting in the car when we decide to give them some milk before going. It’s the boy who should be hungry but we can’t pass the girl if she sees the bottle. Neither of them wants to eat.

15:30 Finally we start the engine and go! The babies fall asleep in the car.

16:00 We are there and the baby L eats properly. N eats. Me and J try to eat something while the family members hold the babies.

We didn’t go to the summer cottage but are having a barbecue at my father’s house. My cousins haven’t met the babies yet so it’s nice to introduce them. There is some Formula 1 program on TV that some watch, someone is talking about making a trip to China and some are going for a road trip in Finland this summer. It’s nice to hang out with them. I forgot to take any pictures.

16:40 Baby M eats.

17:00 Baby L goes to sleep.

17:30 M goes to sleep.

17:45 L wakes up.

18:00 M wakes up.

18:30 I change diaper to L and we head home.

19:00 I start the evening routine by giving N his evening snack (grapes and milk tonight). I put pajamas on for both of the babies. This is where the craziness starts. All of the kids are tired but we can’t get all of them to sleep at the same time yet. In sport terms, they’re on power play and we’re trying to keep our game together.

19:30 J goes to the nursery to put L to sleep. L eats before falling to sleep. I’m holding M while we do the evening chores with N.

19:50 Baby L is sleeping. I’m reading a bed time story when J comes to pick up baby M and feeds her.

20:30 N is sleeping. 

21:00 J changes diaper to baby M and we then watch some House Of Cards and SKAM.

22:00 Baby M falls asleep finally. I pour myself a glass of wine for Midsummer.

23:00 I go to bed myself.

That was one day! Currently the sun rises at 3:56 and sets at 22:49 in Helsinki. Further north they are enjoying the midnight sun. 

Have a lovely week!


These photos I took at 22:00 in our backyard. The burnet rose is called Midsummer rose (juhannusruusu) in Finnish since it blossoms always on Midsummer.

3 thoughts on “A day of twin life

    • Hey nice to hear from you! šŸ™‚ They do sleep well outside!

      And thank you, that is actually our sauna building but in one photo you can see a little bit of our house and it’s the same color. When we moved in here we thought that we would remove the white decorations in the first place. But now we have started to think that they are quite charming. šŸ™‚

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  1. Interesting read! I’m reading it thinking will my babies be like this in a couple of months. They actually already are quite similar, eating all the time, but we can’t seem to get out of the house. Even putting them in the pram for sleep is a chore: first one vomits, then the other vomits, then the first one gets cranky and so on… Really hoping we’ll learn to get into a more normal routine soon, leave the house or even just leave the sofa! šŸ™‚


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