Explanation and extempore get-together

I wish I had some exciting explanation for being absent from blogging. I wish I could tell you I was busy with eating ice cream and swimming in lakes. That I went to the summer cottage where wi-fi doesn’t work well. But I can’t. We spent two weeks ill. Or actually everyone else was ill and I took care of them. The twins took it hardest and we had to go to the E.R. twice in a week.

Our every day life is good when everyone is happy and healthy but this kind of incidents shake it up easily. This spring and summer I have happily accepted visits from my mother-in-law and last week I was maybe happier than ever that she came over first for 5 days and when the situation was still quite hard on Friday she stayed until Saturday.

But now we are all healthy and on summer holiday! In Finland people usually have summer holidays in July while the rest of the Europe is on holiday in August.

This first week we are going to stay at home, clean up, visit friends and get to the holiday mood.

My favorite flowers, pionis, are blossoming in the garden!

Today I also visited friends extempore. That never happens anymore. With three kids I can’t just go whenever I want. It has to be planned. Always. Except today!

I was messaging with friends in the morning and found out that one of my friends was on sick leave from work (because a dog had bitten her) and another friend came yesterday from Berlin and is heading to Greece tomorrow but today she was in town. And then there was me, who can never do anything without planning, free to go. We met around noon. Bought a bottle of wine. Went to my friend’s new home. Hung out in the kitchen while drinking the wine. Talked about friend’s Tinder adventures.

To be honest it was amazing. I loved not-speaking-of-kids. For a chance. Since they are usually the only thing I talk about. Here is a view from friend’s balcony. I looooove it!

I hope you have a lovely week!


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