Visiting a family farm

We’re on summer holiday and my posts seem to be only about things and happenings. But that also reflects our life at the moment quite well. Life is lighter on holiday but it’s also more active than our every day life. We’ve been traveling in Finland for little over a week now. Mostly in the countryside.

Couple of days ago we visited a farm that my second cousin runs. The farm is still a small ‘old school’ farm when, I think, most farms are either quitting or getting very big with milking robots and all that.

In my second cousin’s farm the cows spend days and nights outside eating fresh grass in the summer. They are called in only for milking and then let out again. 

I think it’s amazing that I can offer my kids this experience. A real farm that is up and running. They learn where the milk comes from and how important work they do at the farms producing us domestic food supplies.

There were little calves that we could feed and my second cousin’s son offered to take my son for a ride in a tractor but that was a little too exciting for him. Sitting inside a tractor, when it didn’t move, was enough excitement. He “helped” fetch the cows from field into the byre and gave them grass. 

It was wonderful.

Me, as a true city girl, got too excited about it all. I took selfies with cows, photos of everything, including my second cousin working. I even made a video call to my sister inside the byre. I’ve been embarrased afterwards. I should invite them to my workplace to take photos of me working.

Anyways, I am grateful for them for letting us visit.

More holiday posts to come. Have a lovely week!


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