First signs of autumn

There it is. Autumn. Lurking behind the corner. Sending its first signs. Whispering “Here I am. You don’t see me yet but here I am coming. Sooner than you’d think.”

In some parts of Finland school started today. Most pupils will start their school year on Thursday. Even if this doesn’t impact my life, with small children, in a way it’s been built to my dna. That is, the summer is over when the school starts.

N went back to kindergarten after a long summer holiday. In the spring I felt bad at times when we decided that he’d go there even since I’m at home with the babies. Now I think it’s good for him. He goes there 3 days a week. He can play with his friends and has more activities when it comes to arts&crafts, gymnastics or musical education than I could ever offer him at home with the small babies. And he likes to go there. He’s now in the group of big children age 3-5. He’s very proud to be big. 

I have also been preparing for autumn and winter for some weeks now when it comes to clothing. Ok, something I bought already last winter but now I have been going through our stuff. What do we have? What do we need? What sizes we’ll use during the cold season?

This year we had good summer sales. I bought lots of good stuff with great discounts. I have also made great findings from self service flea markets, Facebook sale groups and online market places. I have found most of the things that we need but there are still some items on my list. For example, I’m looking for another pair of Stonz and an overall from the baby box.

Many kid’s fashion brands have also released their AW collections and I have looked them through wishing I was a millionare. I think many brands have very nice collections this autumn! I thought of making a post series of my favorite Finnish (and maybe Nordic) kids’ brands and their new collections.

Today I went swimming in the morning when babies were with the nanny and N was at kindergarten. Sooooo refreshing!

Have a lovely week!


13 thoughts on “First signs of autumn

  1. Nice! Where’s that outdoors swimming pool? I wish there were more of them in Helsinki! I didn’t go swimming at all this summer or do anything else summery… oh well. It’s been a different kind of summer this year! πŸ™‚ Do you have any tips of where to buy and sell baby clothes online outside fb? Had to look up Stonz, very cute! From what age do babies start to need them?

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  2. We were just talking about autumn this past weekend as the squirrels are stripping the acorns from our 150 year old oak tree near the house and depositing all the hulls on our roof as they run away with the nut meats to hide for the winter. It seems every year they start earlier and earlier. I am not ready for summer to end.

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