Children’s Culture – Opera And Ballet For Babies

Yesterday marked a big milestone for me and the babies. For the first time I went to the city center with them. With a colic baby we have stayed mainly near home. Now we can start moving around more. Yey!

We had a good reason for going. Helsinki Opera & Ballet organized an event where parents could take their babies to the Helsinki Opera House and get their first opera and ballet experience.

High quality children’s culture is close to my heart. In my opinion it’s not only fun for both the kids and the parents but it’s also a great way to teach children to consume and value culture.

With the older boy we have been to concerts, theatre, music theatre and museums. Also children’s festivals, theme parks and library visits have been part of our life.

Yesterday was twins’ first culture event and what would have been a better way to start than the National Opera and the beautiful Helsinki opera house. The staff had created a wonderful, warm atmosphere. The music was beautiful. The babies and mothers participated in the act occasionally. The most rousing part was when a ballerina came front and danced for us. My babies stared at her, mesmerized. It was a small group. I think 20 babies with their mothers.

It was fun. Attending cultural events is always fun. We’ve created some great memories. At least for us adults. The boy has been so young that he won’t remember most things that we have done. The babies obviously won’t remember anything from yesterday.

Does it matter? What’s the point in attending events that they won’t remember anyway?

Even if they won’t remember the events itself, they will remember our positive attitude towards these events. And I believe they remember how it felt to be there. We have photos of the events and we talk about them later. Children are curious about happenings concerning themselves. Many times have we watched photos and answered questions like “why did we go? Who was there? What did we do there? Why? Is it far away? Can we go again?”

And those conversations are what it’s all about. That is what educating children to consume culture is all about. I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to offer my kids these experiences. The events are by the way usually free of charge like the opera experience today.

Do you like to attend children’s concert, theatre or other events? 

Have a beautiful day!


8 thoughts on “Children’s Culture – Opera And Ballet For Babies

  1. That’s wonderful! My husband and I have always wanted our son to like classical music, and we made him watch a video of a Mozart Violin Concerto concert since he was 5 months old! As a result, he likes the violin concertos even now when he’s 6 years old! I hope to bring him to a concert in the future. We once brought him to a (Bach) string quartet concert when he was 3 years old, but he didn’t behave very well. hehehe.

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    • Oh he does? I’m scared that if I force my kids to listen to classical music they might end up disliking it. I’ve prefered other methods like listening to it while cooking and letting them hear. Though I have to admit that I’m not very enthusiastic or sophisticated when it comes to classical music but like it among other music.

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      • We didn’t really end up forcing him because he instantly liked watching the violinists play. He still likes watching the video. If I haven’t mentioned, my son is autistic so I guess it’s more like it’s something familiar to him and it relaxes him. 😊

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      • Sorry for delay in replying! I’ve been very ill and in bed the past days not having strenght to do anything. πŸ˜• but I’m getting better now.

        I’m glad you’ve found something this wonderful to your son. Classical music is very calming and I don’t doubt the he loves it. πŸ™‚


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