Sometimes miracles come in pairs, and now they turned one!

Last week end we celebrated the first birthday of our twins. It was a fun little party. We had family over for coffee and cake. The theme was hot air balloon and I put up some decorations and and balloons. I tried to keep the catering simple so I had vegetables with dip, fruits and berries, chanterelle and bacon quiche, another quiche, carrot cake and some cookies, chocolates and snacks. The center piece of the table was a big and beautiful birthday cake.

I also made some fresh juices that I offered from small cups. Yellow one was pineapple, orange and apple and  red one had beet root, carrots and pear in it. The green one was a very basic green juice with kale, cucumber, lemon, lime, celery and pear. I liked the idea of making the juices since people tried different flavors and talked about them with each other. It’s not always easy to get people that don’t know each other to talk to each other! 😀

I can’t believe that I don’t have babies anymore and the same time I’m relieved that the baby year is over. We got through it. We made it. And I want to emphasize the word we. I’m grateful beyond words for my husband. We were (and are) a great team. He’s my equal partner, my rock and my best friend. We actually booked a trip to Rome for the following spring already in October. We were so exhausted that we decided that we need something to look for. A reward for making it through the year. A goal to the distant horizon that we can work towards to. It was one of our best ideas ever.

What about this blog then? As I wrote before, this was one of the things that kept me going when I thought I had hit the rock bottom. I’ve met lots of wonderful people through this platform and I’m forever grateful for every comment and like that I’ve gotten. In my opinion this WordPress community is very special. It’s supportive and kind. I didn’t get any negative comments during this time. So I guess all I want to say is thank you. A very big thank you.

As you probably guessed, I’m closing this blog. This won’t be the last post here since I will write a whole new post and tell you about my upcoming blog but if you want to sneak peek, check it out and follow here: I’ll meet you there!

Have a lovely day!


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