About me

Hi there!

Thank you for visiting! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Mannamaria. I live in Helsinki, Finland, and I’m a mother of three. I have an infant who loves cars, sandboxes and ice cream and baby twins who love getting attention.

In this blog I will write mostly about our daily life. What’s going on with us, the babies, infant, out travels and for example our garden. We moved to a house last year so I’m learning how to take care of a garden. Not succeeding very well so far! I try to enjoy little things in life every day, find the silver lining in every situation and remember to relax even when we are busy and tired.

I wrote a further introduction to this blog and myself a little while ago. You can read it here!

The blog is named after one of my son’s dearest cars. You can read the story behind the blog name here.

This blog is my first one and it’s new so I welcome all comments and critic.