What Are the Best Practices for Selling on Facebook with Shopify

What Are the Best Practices for Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Are there any tips for a higher conversion through Facebook? What are the best practices for selling on Facebook with Shopify? Read and find out!


Shopify is a hosted ecommerce solution that offers great tools and features to grow your online business. Facebook, on the other side, is one of the most popular social media platforms. The positive side of Facebook is that it offers the tools needed to promote your online business, attract more potential buyers, and boost sales.

The irony is that some people need more reasons for why they shouldn’t limit their products to Shopify store only.

Shopify Facebook integration should be on top of your priority list because now your followers can purchase products directly from Facebook. There is no need for them to click on links, visit your website, and etc. With the Shopify Facebook integration, your online store has already a social presence and the user-created content on your site speaks more about your business and brand.

If you are convinced, let’s see what are the best practices for selling on Facebook with Shopify:

  • Use multiple photos to submit your Shopify Facebook catalog feed: You need to offer you online buyers as many photos as possible. And remember – use high-quality photos only.
  • Create identical product descriptions on Facebook and Shopify: You need to make sure that your product description on your Shopify shop and Facebook page match each other. You surely don’t want to confuse your customers by providing a different description on your Facebook page and Shopify website for the same product.
  • Run your A/B tests: Different time and occasion require different strategies. You should run your A/B tests regularly based on the products you promote in your Facebook shop.
  • Keep your Shopify Facebook product catalog updated: It is super important to regularly update your product feed on Facebook. You can’t keep your product description, pricing or stock quantity outdated.
  • Focus on Shopify product variations: If, for example, you are offering multiple variations of the products on your Shopify Store, you need to also include those variations in your catalog presented on Facebook. This helps your followers get the exact product they are looking for. This can also help you in optimizing your conversion.

Are you ready to start your own webshop on Facebook now? Are you ready to integrate your Shopify store and your Facebook page?

Happy selling!

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