Twins 8 months – moving around

I can’t believe that they are 8 months already! And at the same time I can’t believe that they are only 8 months old. Looking back this year the colic time and all seems distant. As I predicted I don’t remember much of it. When I think about last spring, I have to check photos from my phone or blog posts to see what we did and how it was back then. Oh boy it was tough.

We are living in a calm and serene period of time at the moment. It’ll probably get harder again when the twins learn to walk but I enjoy this easier time with all my heart.

The boy has learnt to crawl and he has also created a quite unique way of moving around. He puts his head down to the floor and lifts his butt up and sometimes raises his hands up as well. It looks like he’s saying “yes mom, I can walk, I just can’t keep my head up”. ūüėÄ He keeps getting stuck under the table, chairs or the sofa all the time and is then crying for help.

The girl likes to roll over but she is more of a watcher. She is monitoring her brothers and laughing at them. She is also more advanced with her language skills and I’m pretty sure she means mom when she looks at me and says ‘mama’. I really think it’s her first word! Or maybe not. We’ll see haha. ūüėÄ She is also better than her brother in eating herself and learnt the pinch grip last week. The boy still basically just throws the food around when given the opportunity.

They still have 3 naps per day and eat 4 meals. In the evening they go to sleep at 8 and they wake up at 7 in the morning. They still get milk twice a night.

We have sleep trained them earlier and gotten to only one eating time per night but when we stop the training they start demanding food twice a night very soon. With our first born son we slept full nights already at this point but now with three children the sleep training is not as easy. It includes pretty much always little crying but now we can’t let them cry or they wake everyone else up.

If anyone has tips on how to do sleep training when you have many kids I’ll hear them gladly!

Have a nice day!


Children’s Culture – Opera And Ballet For Babies

Yesterday marked a big milestone for me and the babies. For the first time I went to the city center with them. With a colic baby we have stayed mainly near home. Now we can start moving around more. Yey!

We had a good reason for going. Helsinki Opera & Ballet organized an event where parents could take their babies to the Helsinki Opera House and get their first opera and ballet experience.

High quality children’s culture is close to my heart. In my opinion it’s not only fun for both the kids and the parents but it’s also a great way to teach children to consume and value culture.

With the older boy we have been to concerts, theatre, music theatre and museums. Also children’s festivals, theme parks and library visits have been part of our life.

Yesterday was twins’ first culture event and what would have been a better way to start than the National Opera and the beautiful Helsinki opera house. The staff had created a wonderful, warm atmosphere. The music was beautiful. The babies and mothers participated in the act occasionally. The most rousing part was when a ballerina came front and danced for us. My babies stared at her, mesmerized. It was a small group. I think 20 babies with their mothers.

It was fun. Attending cultural events is always fun. We’ve created some great memories. At least for us adults. The boy has been so young that he won’t remember most things that we have done. The babies obviously won’t remember anything from yesterday.

Does it matter? What’s the point in attending events that they won’t remember anyway?

Even if they won’t remember the events itself, they will remember our positive attitude towards these events. And I believe they remember how it felt to be there. We have photos of the events and we talk about them later. Children are curious about happenings concerning themselves. Many times have we watched photos and answered questions like “why did we go? Who was there? What did we do there? Why? Is it far away? Can we go again?”

And those conversations are what it’s all about. That is what educating children to consume culture is all about. I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to offer my kids these experiences. The events are by the way usually free of charge like the opera experience today.

Do you like to attend children’s concert, theatre or other events? 

Have a beautiful day!


Hey Moomins! – Visiting the Moominworld

As a child my generation watched the Moomins. The Japanese style (anime) version of the Finnish Moomin cartoons was seen on TV once a week if I remember it right. Everyone had their favorite character. I think most people liked little My. A fierce and impassioned little girl who was very adventurous and loved catastrophes.

My favorite character was the Snork Maiden. She was a sensitive lady who liked nice clothes and jewellery. She was also a little moody and could change her mind in an instant.

There she is!

My son hasn’t watched the Moomins. We tried it for a couple of times but they were surprisingly scary for a three year old. We do have couple of books that we have read and they are suitable for a small child. The Moomins are, in my opinion, an essential part of Finnish children’s culture and I think it’s a shame that they are distant to my son.

Well, theme parks are always good fun anyway, so we decided to head to the Moominworld this summer. We were supposed to go there earlier this summer but had to delay. Last weekend, when we finally got there, was the last one it was open this year. (Winter is coming!)

Moomin world is a small island. They sell one or two days tickets and before I didn’t understand why anyone would pay for two days. It’s such a small place that there cannot be enough to see for two days.

But boy have they built it brilliantly! There is not much to see but there is so much to do! They have really understood what kids love. Activities! We attended Little My’s birthday party (twice since my son loved it) and went to another play.

The character’s were there to be hugged and photographed all the time and they also had a little performance going on so we could just sit and watch them do stuff for a long time. We visited the characters’ homes and there would have been activities as well but we didn’t have time to attend! We should have taken two days tickets.

Next time we go, we have to stay for two days. It was lovely!

Do you know the Moomins and who’s your favorite character?

Have a nice day!


My favorite: GUGGUU (kids clothing)


Ok, so I had decided long time ago that I wouldn’t talk about brands in this blog. If I don’t have collaboration with any brands, I shouldn’t talk about them either. Right?¬†

No niin, olin siis päättänyt jo kauan sitten, etten ota brändejä käsittelyyn tässä blogissa. Jos en tee yhteistyötä minkään brändin kanssa, ei minun pitäisi tuoda niitä esiinkään? Vai? 

I write this because I really like kids’ clothing, brands and products. I have chosen to this post series those companies that I use myself and like the most. We are no fashionistas and I can’t buy everything that I want but I buy some and try to find others from online sales groups and flea markets. Now is the time when companies release their new Autumn/Winter collections. I wait for them. I look through them. I talk about them with friends. But I’m not sure if I should bring my love for kids’ clothing and products to this blog? Or should I leave this to other forums?

Kirjoitan tämän, koska aidosti pidän lastenvaatteista, -brändeistä ja -tuotteista. Olen valinnut tähän sarjaan niitä brändejä, joita käytän itse ja joista tykkään eniten. Meidän perheessä ei aina pukeuduta viimeisimpien trendien mukaan. Minulla ei ole varaa ostaa kaikkea mitä haluaisin mutta ostan jotain ja yritän löytää muita netin myyntiryhmistä ja kirppareilta. Tähän aikaan vuodesta yritykset julkaisee syksyn ja talven mallistojaan ja mä odotan niitä innoissani, selaan into piukassa ja pölisen kavereiden kanssa siitä, mistä tykätään eniten. En ole kuitenkaan varma pitäisikö minun tuoda näitä asioita blogiin vai jättää muille foorumeille?

The brands that I thought of featuring are Finnish since I’m most familiar with them. They are ethical, they have nice story behind them and the products are of good quality. They are some of my favorite brands. Please let me know what you think of this kind of posts.

Brändit, joista ajattelin puhua ovat suomalaisia, eettisiä, niillä on kiva tarina takanaan ja tuotteet ovat laadukkaita. Nämä on on suosikkibändejäni. Kertokaa ihmeessä, mitä mieltä olette tämän tyyppisistä postauksista!

The first collection that I will talk about comes from Gugguu.

Ensimmäinen mallisto tulee iki-ihanalta Gugguulta. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I fell in love with Gugguu in 2014 when my first son was born. The brand was new, the first collection had been launched in 2013, and it was very hip. What I really liked about them was their bright colors. Earlier I had been really bummed to see the limited choice of colors in boys’ clothing. Everything seemed to be blue and grey and very dark. Gugguu’s colors were bright and happy. My all time favorite color from them has been beautiful lemon.

Ihastuin tähän brändiin vuonna 2014, kun ensimmäinen lapseni syntyi. Yhtiö oli uusi, ensimmäinen mallisto oli julkaistu vasta edellisenä vuonna ja se oli välittömästi menestys. Gugguussa ihastuin ensimmäisenä heidän kirkkaisiin väreihinsä. Olin ollut harmistunut siihen asti siitä, että pojille tuntui olevan tarjolla vain sinistä ja harmaata tummina sävyinä. Gugguun värit olivat kirkkaat ja iloiset. Tähän asti suosikkivärini heiltä onkin ollut heleä lemon.

One of my favorite product from Gugguu are their slim tricot pants. The pants are comfortable material but the cut is slim so they look stylish. My boy also loves them!

Yksi suosikkituotteistani on aina ollut heidän trikoohousunsa. Housut on mukavat jalassa mutta kapea leikkaus on tyylikäs. Poika tykkää niistä kovasti.

My absolutely favorite products from Gugguu are their accessories, beanies especially. I have beautiful light lemon cotton beanies for the babies for autumn and I think I will buy merino wool ones for winter. They look amazing in my opinion!

Ihan suosikkituote on kuitenkin Gugguun asusteet, lähinnä pipot. Mulla on keltaiset puuvillapipot nyt syksylle vauvoille ja valkoinen vanhemmalle ja yritän löytää merinovillaiset talven varalle. Nämä on minusta hurjan hienot!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this autumn collection they use colors like vanilla, lilac, smokey blue, grey and mauve. I love those colors surprisingly much. Ok, they are quite traditional after I just said how they have other colors than blue and grey for boys but this time it’s very fresh. Especially mauve and smokey blue caught my eyes as you can see from tho pictures I chose here.

Tämän syksyn väreinä on vanilla, lilac, smokey blue, grey ja mauve. Tykkään näistä väreistä yllättävänkin paljon. Ne on kieltämättä aika perinteiset, kun juuri pääsin sanomasta että alunperin ihastuin heidän väreihinsä. Erityisesti smokey blue ja mauve on mieleeni, kuten kuvista näkyy.

Wednesday they had the first drop of their merino wool products. When I tried to get to the website I had to queue! And it was hours after the launch. The products are very popular and sell out fast but I’m not quick when it comes to making decisions. I have to wait and see what is left little later when I have decided what I’d want from this collection.

Keskiviikona, kun heillä oli ensimmäinen merinovillatuotteiden droppi, jouduin jonottamaan, että pääsin edes nettisivuille sisään. Olin siellä kuitenkin tunteja malliston julkaisun jälkeen. Suositut tuotteet myydään nopeasti loppuun mutta itse en osaa tehdä nopeita päätöksiä tämäntyyppisistä asioissa. Mun pitää vielä miettiä, mitä oikeasti haluan ja toivoa, että niitä on vielä jäljellä kun olen valmis tekemään päätöksen.

All photos are from with permission.

Kaikki kuvat ovat Gugguun ja julkaistu luvan kanssa.

What do you think of this collection? It’s odd to look at these winter photos while it’s still summer!

Mitäs tykkäätte tästä mallistosta? Onpa outoa katsoa näitä talvikuvia, kun vielä on niin kesäistä!

I’m always looking for new practical yet beautiful brands to follow so please share your favorite!

Etsin aina käytännöllisiä mutta tyylikkäitä uusia brändejä seurattavaksi, joten jaa ihmeessä suosikkisi!

Have a lovely day! Mukavaa päivää!



First signs of autumn

There it is. Autumn. Lurking behind the corner. Sending its first signs. Whispering “Here I am. You don’t see me yet but here I am coming. Sooner than you’d think.”

In some parts of Finland school started today. Most pupils will start their school year on Thursday. Even if this doesn’t impact my life, with small children, in a way it’s been built to my dna. That is, the summer is over when the school starts.

N went back to kindergarten after a long summer holiday. In the spring I felt bad at times when we decided that he’d go there even since I’m at home with the babies. Now I think it’s good for him. He goes there 3 days a week. He can play with his friends and has more activities when it comes to arts&crafts, gymnastics or musical education than I could ever offer him at home with the small babies. And he likes to go there. He’s now in the group of big children age 3-5. He’s very proud to be big. 

I have also been preparing for autumn and winter for some weeks now when it comes to clothing. Ok, something I bought already last winter but now I have been going through our stuff. What do we have? What do we need? What sizes we’ll use during the cold season?

This year we had good summer sales. I bought lots of good stuff with great discounts. I have also made great findings from self service flea markets, Facebook sale groups and online market places. I have found most of the things that we need but there are still some items on my list. For example, I’m looking for another pair of Stonz and an overall from the baby box.

Many kid’s fashion brands have also released their AW collections and I have looked them through wishing I was a millionare. I think many brands have very nice collections this autumn! I thought of making a post series of my favorite Finnish (and maybe Nordic) kids’ brands and their new collections.

Today I went swimming in the morning when babies were with the nanny and N was at kindergarten. Sooooo refreshing!

Have a lovely week!


Summer parties

This summer has been great. We have enjoyed it every day to the fullest. The weather has not been great every day but somehow we’ve managed to keep the atmosphere warm and happy. And luckily it hasn’t rained much. Maybe it’s the kids. They are always happy to play outside. No matter how the weather is.

Last week end we went to a birthday party. Little girl turned two years old. My son got to choose a present for her. We bought a firefighter’s helmet and a story book about rescue vehicles. ūüėÄ She loved them.

The party was beautiful. They had done well with decorations and catering. Our kids enjoyed it. And the birthday girl enjoyed it. The kids played well together.

No we are at the countryside but I’ll write you more about that later.

Have a lovely week!


A day of twin life

People often ask me how is it like to have twins. Of course twins are as unique as any other babies, some are easier than others, but in all honesty our every day life is quite hectic or at times even chaotic. I feel like I’m in an endless circle of warming milk bottles, changing diapers and putting someone to sleep. With our first born son we already had more structured days at this point. With the twins every day is different. Some are more structured than others.

I decided to write down our happenings for one day. This was written last Friday. It was a National holiday (Midsummer) so the hubby was at home. Usually people go to their summer cottages for this holiday but we were too tired to leave the city. The babies got ill on Saturday and that might be a reason why they didn’t sleep or eat well the day before.

Here is how the day with the twins went:

03:00 Baby M (girl) eats and continues to sleep.

05:00 Baby L (boy) eats and falls back to sleep.

06:50 Both of the babies wake up. I give a milk bottle to M hoping that she would fall back to sleep for a little while. I go change diaper to baby L and dress him up. When I come back the older kid, N, has woken up and is talking to the baby on her bedside. He’s amazing.

I warm up a milk bottle to the baby L (who doesn’t want to eat) and change diaper to the baby M and dress her up.

7:20 The hubby, J, makes oatmeal to N. They eat breakfast (it’s oatmeal with strawberries) and I play with the babies.

After finishing his breakfast the kiddo watches cartoons.

7:45 I change diaper to baby L.

8:00 The babies get tired so we dress them up for their first nap. They sleep outside in their pram. L finishes his morning milk. J goes out with them and I eat breakfast.

8:15 The babies are asleep and me and the hubby take a cup of coffee and join N to watch some cartoons.

9:00 J and the kiddo go out to mow the lawn and play. I do some chores. Our lawnmower got broken a week before so they borrow one from the neighbors. N is excited about this ‘new’ lawnmower. He also has his own toy lawnmower that he uses to ‘finish up’ after daddy.

9:25 Baby M wakes up.

9:40 Baby L wakes up.

9:50 I warm up milk for both of them but they’re not hungry yet.

10:15 I change diaper to M.

10:30 J and the kiddo come in. J changes diaper to L while I start preparing lunch with N. The babies get tired so J feeds them and takes them back out to sleep. The lunch is prepared so I continue with my chores.

11:50 L wakes up.

12:00 It’s lunch time. We’re having salmon and potatoes with sour cream sauce. I had planned on making also a salad but am too tired for that.

12:15 M wakes up. We eat holding the babies.

12:40 I change diaper to L. N goes to bed for his nap. J changes diaper to M.

12:50 We get a video call from the grand parents. N was already in bed but runs out to talk with them.

13:15 Video call ends. N runs back to bed and we put the babies out to sleep again.

13:25 All kids are asleep. Coffee, please!

13:55 M wakes up, eats and continues to sleep.

14:50 M wakes up just as we are getting ready to leave for a Midsummer family gathering. I change her diaper and put her to the car safety seat.

15:10 L hasn’t woken up so we move him from the pram to his car seat.

15:20 We are all already sitting in the car when we decide to give them some milk before going. It’s the boy who should be hungry but we can’t pass the girl if she sees the bottle. Neither of them wants to eat.

15:30 Finally we start the engine and go! The babies fall asleep in the car.

16:00 We are there and the baby L eats properly. N eats. Me and J try to eat something while the family members hold the babies.

We didn’t go to the summer cottage but are having a barbecue at my father’s house. My cousins haven’t met the babies yet so it’s nice to introduce them. There is some Formula 1 program on TV that some watch, someone is talking about making a trip to China and some are going for a road trip in Finland this summer. It’s nice to hang out with them. I forgot to take any pictures.

16:40 Baby M eats.

17:00 Baby L goes to sleep.

17:30 M goes to sleep.

17:45 L wakes up.

18:00 M wakes up.

18:30 I change diaper to L and we head home.

19:00 I start the evening routine by giving N his evening snack (grapes and milk tonight). I put pajamas on for both of the babies. This is where the craziness starts. All of the kids are tired but we can’t get all of them to sleep at the same time yet. In sport terms, they’re on power play and we’re trying to keep our game together.

19:30 J goes to the nursery to put L to sleep. L eats before falling to sleep. I’m holding M while we do the evening chores with N.

19:50 Baby L is sleeping. I’m reading a bed time story when J comes to pick up baby M and feeds her.

20:30 N is sleeping. 

21:00 J changes diaper to baby M and we then watch some House Of Cards and SKAM.

22:00 Baby M falls asleep finally. I pour myself a glass of wine for Midsummer.

23:00 I go to bed myself.

That was one day! Currently the sun rises at 3:56 and sets at 22:49 in Helsinki. Further north they are enjoying the midnight sun. 

Have a lovely week!


These photos I took at 22:00 in our backyard. The burnet rose is called Midsummer rose (juhannusruusu) in Finnish since it blossoms always on Midsummer.