With Easier Life Comes Lousier Blog

You may have noticed that I haven’t been fully present here in the blogosphere during the past weeks. It’s because I’ve noticed something that I didn’t expect: When my life gets easier after the colic time, I don’t seem to find time to update this blog. It feels strange. I didn’t think it would go like this. Not have time for updates when I have more time. 

People always asked me how I had time to start a new blog when I had newborn twins.

Let me explain you.

When the twins were born our world turned upside down. Everything I thought I knew about taking care of babies went out of the window. We felt like we were thrown into a merry-go-round that was spinning too fast and we were trying to hold on to it the best we could. The babies had our attention from the moment we opened our eyes in the morning until we closed them in the evening.

We had to leave our hobbies and everything extra that took time from taking care of the babies. Since the other baby had colic it meant that either me or my husband walked around carrying the crying baby and the other one took care of the other baby and the toddler.

So what did I do?

When I walked around with the crying baby I thought about this blog and my next post. How should I start it? What about the ending? Which photos I would use? Anyone with colic baby knows that there is absolutely nothing you can do to calm the baby. All you can do is be close to him and let him know that he’s not alone. I was physically close to him but my mind was somewhere else. It escaped to this blog.

In the evening when all the kids were sleeping I sat down to my computer and wrote the text. The writing was quick since I had thought it through before. Sometimes I fell asleep myself while I was putting the kids to bed but then I wrote the text the next day. I didn’t worry about it.

Many of the texts turned out bright and happy. Even if I was exhausted I often wanted to write something positive. I didn’t want to be stuck in that exhaustion. But often I also let it show through. I didn’t want to be fake.

I’m grateful for this blog. It’s one of the major things that kept me sane during the colic time. It was my own thing. My place. The only thing I did regularly only because I liked it after the twins were born. Not because I had to. 

Every comment, like and follow have felt sooo good. I’m honestly grateful for every visit this blog gets. I have found some new friends. Someone I have already met in person. What could be better outcome from blogging?

Well anyways. Now our life is easy. The kids are happy. They are learning everyday, sleeping and eating well. No drama going on.

What do I do now?

I have noticed that with this easy life I don’t have to escape to this blog during the day. In the evening when I sit down to the computer I have no idea what to write. Sometimes I write something quickly but regret it after publishing and often I write nothing.

I’m in a new situation and I don’t know how to continue. Since I’m not as tired as I used to be I have started to do things that I used to do before twins came. I have spent my evenings, for example, crocheting.

I don’t know if this is the end of this blog or if I continue but the way of making it has to change. I need to figure out how and when and what I write in the future if I write. And I have to find time to read other blogs, participate and be a better community member.

Maybe a little hiatus will do good.

Or maybe I’ll publish some texts that I still have in the drafts. I’m not sure. But I just wanted to let you what’s going on.

Have a lovely week!


When Stay at Home Mom Is Ill

So I’ve been ill. Really ill. The disease knocked me down to bed over a week ago. If it was influenza season I’d say I had an influenza but since it’s not, I don’t know what it was. I thought it was just a cold so I didn’t go to the doctor right away. I waited for it to go away too many days. It got so bad I couldn’t get up from bed at all. I couldn’t even think about going to the doctor’s office for many days. Eventually I went to the doctor’s, got the antibiotics and started to get better.

What’s my problem then? Just get some rest mmmkay? Well if you have three small children to take care of it’s not that easy.

This all week I have been thinking about this. How are we supposed to handle these situations? It felt literally impossible for me to be ill. For days I used all willpower I had to continue taking care of children and doing the chores. I couldn’t think about being ill. Who’d take care of the children and everything if I’m ill?

But eventually it got me.

In our case the grandparents live far away and couldn’t help us while husband was at work. My friends work and those who are at home are there because they have children and obviously they couldn’t help us. We didn’t have any place were we could have taken the kids so that I could have rested. When someone told me “you really have to take care of yourself” I felt like punching her.

We are lucky that my husband’s employer let him stay at home to take care of the babies for couple of days. Not all employers allow that. We also had a nanny helping for two days and this way we got through this. Maybe everyone has some back up plan? We didn’t. We made one as we went on.

Even if we found a way to get through this I felt horrible when my husband had to stay at home so that I could rest.  I felt like a loser. I had one job, to take care of the children, and I couldn’t even do that.

But had my husband been ill he could have taken sickness leave and stayed at home and rested without further discussion. It’s just us moms who can’t be sick.

I don’t know if I had a great point with this text. I just wanted to point out this issue so that everyone would have a plan in case they get ill. Since it’s not easy for a SAHM to get that rest. Had we had a proper plan beforehand maybe I wouldn’t have felt so bad to stay in bed for a couple of days?

Anyways, now I’m back in business again and ready to take care of any family member in case they get ill. 🙂

Have a lovely week!


Someone is already waiting for winter. 😊

A moment in my twinlife – crispy morning 

Crispy morning. The air is clear and cool. I breath in and out. It smells like autumn. I’ve put the babies in their stroller for their first nap. 

I have a cup of hot coffee in my hand. With the other hand I push and rock the stroller back and forth. Back and forth.

In a distance I hear the highway humming. People are rushing to work. But my backyard is calm and quiet. It’s so early that the birds must still be sleeping. No wait. They’re up. Singing loudly now that I’m listening. Maybe it’s not that early.

Some children pass by. They’re going to school. They are carrying their too big backpacks and have messy, too long, hair under their caps. They’re looking down and kicking rocks. They seem sad. I wonder if everything is ok with them.

I push the stroller. Back and forth. Back and forth.

I take a sip of my coffee. It’s not that hot anymore. Some days this is the only moment when I can drink my coffee in peace. I try to enjoy it slowly. 

I wish I had dressed up already so I could go for a walk. But I’m still wearing my pajamas. I had slept 4 or 5 hours the night before. It’s too early for me  to be up but the babies have already been awake for about an hour and a half. I’m tired but the fresh air helps me wake up.

The morning is cold so I have put my woolen shawl on for the first time this year. My toes are getting cold in my slippers.

The babies fall asleep. I finish my coffee. I go in and start the day.


Little Accomplishments

Sometimes, especially when you feel exhausted with life, it’s good to stop and look around. Concentrate on the positive. And see the things that we’ve accomplished instead of all that we still have on our to do lists.

Toisinaan, erityisesti silloin jos elämä tuntuu hengästyttävältä, on hyvä pysähtyä ja katsoa ympärilleen. Keskittyä positiivisuuteen. Ja nähdä saavutukset tehtävälistojen sijaan.

Maggie from the blog Dreaming of Guatemala has been doing these Little Accomplishments posts for some time now and I have admired her positivity in them. Here is my SAHM version of little accomplishment and as Maggie says it: “Let’s celebrate all of life’s joys – no matter how small!”

Maggie blogista Dreaming of Guatemala on tehnyt kirjoituksia pienistä saavutuksistaan jo jonkun aikaa ja mä olen ihaillut hänen positiivisuuttaan etäältä. Tässä tulee mun kotiäitiversio näistä pienistä saavutuksista. Niin kuin Maggie sen sanoo: “juhlistetaan elämän pieniä iloja – riippumatta siitä, kuinka pieniä ne ovatkaan!”

It’s only Tuesday but this week I have already… On vasta tiistai mutta tällä viikolla olen jo…

Bought the first Christmas presents! There was a move out sale in one book store and I found some children’s book classics that I got for all of my children. And my sister’s children. And my godson. And.. ok, that was it.

Ostanut ensimmäiset joululahjat! Kirjakaupassa oli muuttomyynti ja löysin joitain lastenkirjaklassikkoja, jotka ostin kaikille meidän lapsille. Ja siskon lapsille. Ja kummipojalle. Ja.. no ok, siinäpä se olikin. 

Harvested the first zucchinis! I told you before (here) that I have hard time keeping my plants alive. But I have found the one plant that survives even at my care. It’s zucchini! My mother planted me a small zucchini sapling this spring and told me to water it well. I didn’t water it. Even once. But thank you rainy summer! I have so many zucchinis I don’t know what to do with them.

Keräsin ensimmäiset kesäkurpitsat! Kerroin aiemmin (täällä), että en tahdo saada millään pidettyä mun kasveja elossa. Nyt olen kuitenkin löytänyt kasvin, joka selviää jopa mun hoidossa. Se on kesäkurpitsa! Äiti istutti meidän pihaan kesäkurpitsan taimen keväällä ja sanoi, että muista vain kastella. En kastellut. Kertaakaan. Mutta kiitos sateinen kesä! Saatiin tosi paljon kesäkurpitsaa. Pitää vaan keksiä, mitä näistä kaikista tehdään. 

Cooked two healthy meals for the family. I mean two out of two days is quite good? At this point of my life, cooking well is not always an option. But here it is, as a proof, my simple chicken salad.

Kokkasin kaksi terveellisestä ateriaa perheelle. Kaksi kahdessa päivässä on aika hyvä, eikö niin? Nykyisessä arjessa ei oikeasti terveellisiä ruokia ehdi aina tehdä, joskus mennään kalapuikoilla. Mutta tässä on todiste, mun simppeli kanasalaatti.

Picked some chanterelles. I have been wanting to go mushroom picking for a month now and today I finally got to the forest. Ok, I had only 15 minutes and I only found some handfuls of them but they were a great base for my second healthy meal of the week which was vegetarian pasta. (I know, pasta may not be the healthiest choice but it didn’t have any cream or other unhealthy ingredients in it)

Keräsin myös kanttarelleja. Oon halunnut mennä kantarellimetsään jo kuukauden mutta tänään vihdoin pääsin. Kieltämättä se oli vaan vartti ja löysin vaan pari kourallista mutta ne kävi hyvin viikon toiseen terveelliseen ateriaan, joka oli vegepasta. (Tiedän joo, että pasta ei ole kaikista terveellisin vaihtoehto mutta tässä ei kuitenkaan ollut kermaa tai muuta epäterveellistä)

Downloaded an app called Momzie. It’s like a Tinder for moms. 😀 I have been chatting with some very nice moms there. It’s such a great idea and a great way to meet new mom friends nearby.

Latasin sovelluksen nimeltä Momzie. Se on niin kuin äitien Tinder. 😀 Olen jutellut muutamien mukavien äitien kanssa siellä. Tämä sovellus on hauska idea ja kiva tapa tutustua muihin lähistöllä oleviin äiteihin.


Emptied the laundry basket. It’ll be full in an instant again but I have been doing soooo much laundry the past days that at least at this moment I can say, it’s empty!

Tyhjensin pyykkikorin. Toki se täyttyy hetkessä mutta olen pessyt niiin paljon pyykkiä tässä pari päivää, että ainakin just tällä hetkellä voin todeta, se on tyhjä!

Found some great stuff from sale and flea market! Finding high quality clothes for a low price always makes me unbelievably happy!

Löysin tosi hyviä juttuja alesta ja kirpparilta! Laadukkaiden vaatteiden löytäminen edukkaaseen hintaan saa mut uskomattoman hyvälle tuulelle!

Please let me know your little accomplishment! Jaa ihmeessä omat pienet saavutuksesi!

Have a lovely week! Mukavaa viikkoa!


Ooh, Shiny!

I shared some of these photos before but here’s a story behind them. Sea view is something that always caughts my eyes. Commuting to work I see the sunrise over the sea every morning and I never get bored to that. I have taken hundreds of similar photos of the sea from the same bus stop. I get excited about the sea and the sunrise, take photos and then realize that I have taken the same photos over and over again. 😀

Jotkut näistä kuvista jaoinkin jo aiemmin mutta nyt tulee myös stoori niiden takaa. Tykkään merestä. Jään aina tuijottamaan merinäköalaa, jos sellaisen huomaan. Työmatkallani ihailen merta ja vuodenajasta riippuen myös auringonnousua joka aamu enkä kyllästy siihen koskaan. Mulla on varmasti satoja samanlaisia kuvia siitä auringonnoususta siltä samalta bussipysäkiltä. Ensin mä innostun siitä, napsin kuvia ja hetken päästä tajuan, että mulla on jo niitä samoja kuvia vaikka kuinka paljon.

When I get to decide a place for a date night or a hangout with friends I always choose a place by the seaside.

Sillon kun on mun vuoro päättää paikka treffeille tai voin vaikuttaa ystävien illanviettopaikkaan, valitsen aina merenrantapaikan.

Little while back we had a date with my husband and I chose this place called Nokkalan Majakka in Espoo. First we had dinner and while we were finishing our drinks we saw a small ferry come to the pier. We asked if we could get to some island with the ferry but they said we would sure get to some island but he was going for his last circle around the islands so if we went to some island we wouldn’t get back.

Vähän aikaa sitten me oltiin miehen kanssa treffeillä Nokkalan Majakassa Espoossa. Ensin syötiin ja just kun oltiin lopettelemassa juomia, huomattiin että laituriin tuli sellainen pieni saaristovene. Me kysyttiin, että pääseekö sillä vielä jonnekin saareen ja saatiin vastaus, että pääsee toki mutta enää ei pääse pois, koska hän oli tekemässä viimeisen lenkkinsä.

Since it was a date, we were not busy and we had already had our dinner, so we hopped on to the ferry and got a sightseeing island tour for free. (Though that might have been an error)

Me oltiin treffeillä, joten kiirettä ei ollut, oltiin jo syöty, joten hyppäsimme lauttaan ja lähdimme saarikierrokselle. Se ei edes maksanut mitään. (Joskin siinä saattoi myös tapahtua virhe)

I love (and miss) that kind of small ex tempore things we used to do before kids. Here are some photos from our sightseen tour!

Mä niin tykkään (ja samalla ikävöin) tän tyyppisiä pieniä ex tempore juttuja, joita me tehtiin ennen lapsia usein. Tässä hieman kuvia meidän turistikierrokselta.

This is my take on to the weekly photo challenge.

Greetings! Terkuin


Mommy’s day off

Approximately once a month I get a proper day off. A day to spend with friends and do whatever I want. Our evenings are a one big holabaloo so I try to be back by 6 p.m but you can do a lot of things before that.

Last Saturday I met a friend in Helsinki centre and we went out to have some lunch and a glass of wine. I’ve told you before that I love my home town and here are some more photos of the beautiful Helsinki. 

This place is called ‘Löyly’. Impossible to pronouce for foreigners but one of the best places to visit in Helsinki right now. There is a sauna that you can visit and then swim in the sea of you like but I’ve never done that there. 

The day was sunny and warm. Food and wine were good, company was excellent and I came home smiling. I love days like these. They give boost to everyday life with kids for a long time. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that whenever I publish photos of my favorite locations, it’s always with a sea view. I really love the sea. 💕

Have a lovely week!


What’s going on in the garden? 

Today I did little photographing in our garden. I don’t have a green thumb. Not even close. Last year, after living here for one year, our cherry tree died. I don’t know how that’s possible. How can a big tree that has stood there for years die all of a sudden? Oh well.. at least I get a chance to plant some new tree there. Something else than a cherry.

These little guys are some kind of Myosotis. They live wild everywhere but I think they are beautiful. When you look at them from far away they look like a blue sky or a  sea.

We have two different kinds of Rhododendrons. Both of them are in bad condition. I should probably take care of them some way but I don’t know what to do with them. I think they might end up having the same destiny as the cherry tree if I don’t figure out something soon. They are pretty and I hope I can save them somehow.

I guess this next one is called English Hawthorn or Paul’s Scarlet. It will be very beautiful when the buds open but we’re not there yet.

This one you all know. It’s an apple tree. I took this photo couple of days ago. Our apple tree is the kind that has three different breeds in it. I don’t know what they are. It was in a bad condition when we moved in here and we have been cutting it a lot. I think it will either go with the cherry tree and rhododendrons or bloom amazingly in a year or two.

This is a ‘Bleeding heart’. It’s said to bloom very early in the spring but this year it’s blooming now. While googling the English name for this I learnt that it’s native to Siberia, Northern China, Korea and Japan. No wonder I don’t have any problems keeping this one alive.

Dandelion. I was actually planning a post “When your garden gives you dandelions – make an anadem”. I would like to learn to eat them and stuff but the only thing I use them for are anadems. Needless to say I didn’t have time to finish the anadem I started and the flowers went bad so no post about anadems this time.

In the last photo there is just some random tree that has white flowers. I tried to google it but didn’t find it. I kind of like it though.

I’m dreaming about a well kept garden that has some fruit trees and woody shrubs with berries. When the kids are older I would like to have a vegetable garden and a place to grow my herbs. Maybe even a small green house. Also I’d like to double the size of our terrace, have some part of it glazed and add a hot tub. Little this and that as you can see. 😀

One day, but not within the next couple of years, we will renovate this whole backyard and then I will make all of my garden dreams come true.

But before that I must learn to keep my plants alive. 😀

How is your garden or how would your dream garden be like?