The baby box 2017

In Finland we have this thing called baby box. The state has given it to all expectant mothers for more than 75 years and the program (enabling also free prenatal care and parenting information) has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rate.

New updated box is revealed every year. It’s still considered a valued asset and the new box is even featured on national news.

Here is the baby box 2017: 2017_Kaikki_tuotteet
It contains lots of clothes, blankets and other new born necessities. When our son was born in 2014 I ordered the box and waited for it anxiously. When the box came I carried the box (it’s big!) to the living room and spread the clothes on the floor. 😀 My mom saved my baby box from the 80’s for me and I will save this box for my son.

Mostly we used  the sleeping bag, winter clothes and the small necessities like baby scissors, hairbrush, thermometer and the little book there is.

This time with the twins we didn’t take the box. We chose to take the money (which is approximately 30 % of the value of the box) instead.

I really like the new box though. It’s just that the winter clothes would have been too big this winter and small next winter. Also now that we already have those small necessities we don’t need another set.

But the new box! My favorite products this year are the sleeping bag, light snow suit and the jumpsuit.


Every year the clothes get critic for the colors being more for boys. I get this but I would wear these also for girls. Finding fresh unisex patterns and colors is not easy and these are quite bright and happy.

In 2014 the box didn’t contain a cuddly toy and I find this puppy adorable. The towel and the bib were useful as well.

What do you think of this box?

Have a lovely day!



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The magical bedtime story

Have you heard of the book Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep? Did you try it and did it work?

We didn’t have big problems with falling asleep but after the twins were born the evenings got worse with the boy. Nothing serious but it took 30-45 minutes and some arguing for him to fall asleep.

I wanted to find a gentle way to ease our evenings. I found this book and ordered it to a book shop but before I got it I found it on sale.

This book is written by a Swedish behavioral scientist Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin. It’s meditational and written in a specific psychological techniques that will help your child to relax and fall asleep.

The author claims that the book will help anyone nod off instantly while listening the book.

We’ve been reading the book for the past week. During the weekend we advanced clocks by one hour.

Did this book work for us?

First night the boy was confused and kept asking why am I saying his name, as the book suggests using the child’s name in some parts of the story. “How does the book know my name?” I didn’t have a very good answer to him. I also read it too loud and fast. The boy did relax while listening and after I got to the end he fell asleep.

The second and third night were worse and it took quite a while after finishing the story that he fell asleep. He wanted to comment the pictures on the book and ask questions.

Then I decided that he can pick up a story that we read before the rabbit story. I was thinking that he might relax during that story and then fall asleep during the rabbit story. I also kept trying new techniques with my voice and my way of reading.

Nothing seemed to help. He wanted to listen the story to the end.

Then I decided that I will stop reading when I see him calming down and looking like he might fall asleep. If I continued reading at that point he continued to listen. And that worked quite well. He fell asleep half way through the book.

With us the book didn’t work as well as I had hoped but I like the idea of it so much that I will continue reading it. Maybe after reading it time after time it will get so boring for him that he will fall asleep instantly.

Good night every one!


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Surviving the winter weather with a newborn

Our twins will be born in January or February which are the coldest months of the year in Finland. The spring is coming soon but I don’t want to stay inside with them for the first weeks or months and I’m also a firm supporter of babies sleeping their naps outside (also during winter).

So here are some of the items I have gotten for them to get through the rest of the winter.

Propably my favorite winter gear are these down sleeping bags. I had one of these already with my first born son and now we bought another one. You can use them either in a car in child’s safety seat or in a baby carriage.

Last time I used it in a baby carriage and it was perfect because most of the time I just put a beanie on to the baby and he stayed warm in the sleeping bag. If the temperature dropped below zero I put a merino wool overall on him but it was not necessary usually.

To be honest I’m not quite sure if I need these snow suits. Since I’m planning on keeping the sleeping bags in the baby carriage I think that I’ll use these on children’s safety seat in a car. They’re adorable and warm. 🙂

These windfleece overalls I got for hanging out in the mall or super markets and if they still fit during the spring these  are perfect for sleeping outside. They keep wind and some rain but are breathable. You can also turn over the sleeves and legs first and leave them open later when the baby grows. Absolutely wonderful. 🙂

Soft merino wool overalls go under any of the previous overalls. They are extremely soft and warm and can be used in various weathers. Combining these overalls and the ones above and sleeping bags I believe that we’ll survive any weather conditions.

Then we have all the woollen blankets, mittens and woollen socks and beanies and other winter hats and…

And the weather men are laughing at me since now that I have bought all this winter stuff the temperature is +4 c. 😀

But at least I’m prepared for any weather!