Summer Holiday Planning

I’m currently using lots of time doing summer holiday planning. With small babies and the boy it’s not that simple to find the perfect solution for all. To travel abroad or stay in homeland? Stay at home? Summer cottage? Hotel? Here are my current thoughts.

Travel abroad
I love travelling and there are so many places I’d like to go to.
This option has the positive side of
– finding new travel destinations,
– creating great memories for the older boy,
– relaxing is easier when you are really out of your ordinary life,
– better chance of good weather than at home.

On the negative side:
– it is expensive,
– travelling by plane with baby twins and a 3 year old sounds stressful to me,
– the twins wake up at night no matter where we are,
– they won’t remember it anyway.


Travel in homeland
I have traveled quite much also inside the country and this country surprises me positively every now and then.
On the positive side:
– it’s cheaper,
– you can pack everything in a car so moving around is easier,
– there are lots of great family destinations like the Moomin world where we haven’t been to yet,
– we could visit friends and family around the country and spend some time in our summer cottage.

On the negative side:
– the new experiences would be limited,
– it’s not that easy to get to the holiday mood,
– we are a family of five so not all our friends could host us which means hotel nights which means spending more money (though I also love staying in hotels and especially their breakfasts :D)
– This is a big country and our family and summer cottage are far away. Driving for 500 km in a day with kids doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.


Stay at home
There would be so much to do here at home!
– we could finally do something from the to do -list,
– that would lower my stress level
– I love Helsinki and we could do some summer activities here like go to the beach, zoo or amusement park,
– we have our friends close and maybe for once we’d have time to see them,
– this option doesn’t cost much! 🙂

On the negative side:
– Does it feel like a holiday if you don’t go anywhere?


One thing we have thought of is travelling to Estonia or Latvia. This way we didn’t have to use the plane, we could drive. Those countries are close. It’s not very expensive to go there and we’d still be going abroad and that would hopefully give me the sense of holiday.

I love this part of the holiday! Planning and comparing all the possibilities. Summer is still ahead and everything seems possible.

If I was jealous to some people it would be those living in the central Europe since they can travel to numerous destinations by car. That would make life so much easier when you have small children.

Do you like planning? What kind of summer holiday plans you have?


Mother’s Day Here And There

This is a post I have struggled with the past days. Written, rewritten and rewritten it. I had decided to send some photo to the weekly photo challenge and when I found these photos and couldn’t just pass them. They are from our trip to Gambia a couple of years ago. This post is not about a reflecting surface as the challenge suggested. It’s more about reflecting my motherhood and relationship with children, inspired by that challenge. I hope it’s ok.

First time writing this post I started by wondering what kind of Mother’s Day they had. Did they have cake and flowers as we did? Do they have a family to celebrate it with? But I realized I know nothing about their families.

I went on to ponder how I did absolutely nothing to be born in a country were I could give birth to my children in a safe and modern hospital instead of that one below. How it was pure luck that I can give my children a chance to live their childhood in a safe the way that we want and provide them a good education. Those kids in the last picture live on the streets and do whatever they can to survive. They did absolutely nothing to deserve that. How I wish I could save them all but I can’t. 

How the school kids seem so happy. With education their future seems bright. I wish they have the opportunity to finish school and get professions. And I wish the kids from the last picture could find a way to attend to a school. 

I wrote and rewrote and rewrote. Then I thought what they would say if a mother of some of the kids in the picture saw my text. I thought of them saying “girl, you know nothing about our lives, families or hopes for the future”. And that’s quite correct, I don’t. 

So I deleted my texts and without analyzing further the only thing I know for sure is that everyone deserves a good healthcare and education. These kids and everyone else. That’s my wish for them.

Other than that I hope they had a good Mother’s Day full of love and laughter and the kind of future they wish for themselves.



WPC: Earth

This week I wanted to share with you some of my favorite homeland destinations. Places where I keep returning again and again. Pristine nature. Peaceful, quiet and very beautiful.




213Kuusamo, Finland

Kuusamo, Finland

Koli, Finland

DSC_0102Turku Archipelago, Finland

DSC_0034Turku Archipelago, Finland

Turku Archipelago, Finland

112Padasjoki, Finland

Ruka, Finland

Tohmajärvi, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Turku, Finland

Family holiday dreams

Now that the twins are two weeks old I’ve started to look ahead to summer and next fall. I’d like to go for a family holiday but where to?

My son was little under one year on his first trip abroad. First we did a day trip to Estonia and then traveled to Switzerland. Couple of months later we traveled to Italy. And when he was little under two we went to Portugal and then to Denmark. In Denmark I was already pregnant with the twins and suffered from heavy morning sickness. We didn’t travel after that during the pregnancy.

I think I’d be ready to go again. Maybe during the fall when the twins are a bit older and the weather in Finland is depressing. But where should we go? This is my criteria:

  • Nice weather
  • Destination with beach
  • Short flight
  • Good quality-price ratio
  • Easy with kids (hotel without stairs, breakfast included, room with a balcony..)


I have never been to Greece and I’d love to go! I only have this stupid fear that we will just find some tourist resorts and no genuine culture or good restaurants. Probably that’s not problem at all and I will feel stupid after visiting the beautiful islands. What I’ve heard the Greek islands are a very easy and beautiful destination with perfect weather and good food. I think we should definitely go there.


I have never been there either! I think that Croatia is a very hip destination at the moment, isn’t it? I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know much about Croatia.  It would be interesting to learn about their history and language though I’m not sure if I have the time at the moment. If I’m not mistaken, I think that Croatia is a little more affordable than the other European destinations that I’m thinking about. Good value for money is always something to look for.


I have traveled quite a lot in Spain and to be honest I’m not a big fan. With the kids I value sun, good food, easiness and short flight and Spain covers all that so maybe I should give it another chance. I also speak some Spanish which usually makes things a little bit easier. Maybe we should go to some of the islands? or Costa del Sol?


I always end up in Italy. I love that country. I have lived there for a while and visited it multiple times. One of my dreams is to have a second home in Italy. I would travel there every winter when Finland is too cold and dark. Anyways last time we went to Verona and Lake Garda. This time I’m thinking about the islands Sardegna or Sicily. I seem to have a thing with islands this time. 😀

These pictures are from our holiday in Lake Garda, Italy 2015.