Ooh, Shiny!

I shared some of these photos before but here’s a story behind them. Sea view is something that always caughts my eyes. Commuting to work I see the sunrise over the sea every morning and I never get bored to that. I have taken hundreds of similar photos of the sea from the same bus stop. I get excited about the sea and the sunrise, take photos and then realize that I have taken the same photos over and over again. ūüėÄ

Jotkut näistä kuvista jaoinkin jo aiemmin mutta nyt tulee myös stoori niiden takaa. Tykkään merestä. Jään aina tuijottamaan merinäköalaa, jos sellaisen huomaan. Työmatkallani ihailen merta ja vuodenajasta riippuen myös auringonnousua joka aamu enkä kyllästy siihen koskaan. Mulla on varmasti satoja samanlaisia kuvia siitä auringonnoususta siltä samalta bussipysäkiltä. Ensin mä innostun siitä, napsin kuvia ja hetken päästä tajuan, että mulla on jo niitä samoja kuvia vaikka kuinka paljon.

When I get to decide a place for a date night or a hangout with friends I always choose a place by the seaside.

Sillon kun on mun vuoro päättää paikka treffeille tai voin vaikuttaa ystävien illanviettopaikkaan, valitsen aina merenrantapaikan.

Little while back we had a date with my husband and I chose this place called Nokkalan Majakka in Espoo. First we had dinner and while we were finishing our drinks we saw a small ferry come to the pier. We asked if we could get to some island with the ferry but they said we would sure get to some island but he was going for his last circle around the islands so if we went to some island we wouldn’t get back.

Vähän aikaa sitten me oltiin miehen kanssa treffeillä Nokkalan Majakassa Espoossa. Ensin syötiin ja just kun oltiin lopettelemassa juomia, huomattiin että laituriin tuli sellainen pieni saaristovene. Me kysyttiin, että pääseekö sillä vielä jonnekin saareen ja saatiin vastaus, että pääsee toki mutta enää ei pääse pois, koska hän oli tekemässä viimeisen lenkkinsä.

Since it was a date, we were not busy and we had already had our dinner, so we hopped on to the ferry and got a sightseeing island tour for free. (Though that might have been an error)

Me oltiin treffeillä, joten kiirettä ei ollut, oltiin jo syöty, joten hyppäsimme lauttaan ja lähdimme saarikierrokselle. Se ei edes maksanut mitään. (Joskin siinä saattoi myös tapahtua virhe)

I love (and miss) that kind of small ex tempore things we used to do before kids. Here are some photos from our sightseen tour!

Mä niin tykkään (ja samalla ikävöin) tän tyyppisiä pieniä ex tempore juttuja, joita me tehtiin ennen lapsia usein. Tässä hieman kuvia meidän turistikierrokselta.

This is my take on to the weekly photo challenge.

Greetings! Terkuin


Beautiful lake views

The theme of this week’s photo challenge is ‘satisfaction’. I went through my photos trying to see if there was something I would like to post here.

First thing that I came up with were findings from the flea market. I love flea markets! I go there often and make great findings quite often. The thing is, I never take photos of them. But maybe I should! 

I did find two scenes that I find extremely satisfying. The first is Finnish lake view. I don’t know why but I calm down instantly when looking at this view. My heart beat slows down, my mind stops racing and my muscles relax. I could stare at this for hours. The first photo is from our summer holiday trip to Ikaalinen. The second one is from near our home.

But I can’t leave out the view of a field either. Part of this satisfaction is also the silence. You can only hear the wind moving the crops but other than that it’s silent. No traffic, no nothing.

This is my contribution to the weekly photo challenge!

I’ll see you soon!



One of our favorite activities is making soap bubbles. We have different kinds of gadgets that we use to make bubbles and the boy has two favorites: a gadget that works with batteries and a whistle that you blow to make bubbles. We have done them even in winter which is fun.
Soap bubbles are beautiful yet transient and this is my take on this week’s photo challenge.

Have a nice Midsummer Eve!



This photo represents my focus right now. I’m enjoying the summer so much! Last week end we found a new ice cream place quite close to where we live. 

They make their own ice cream and it was so good! The flavor I chose was marshmallow. We’ll definitely go back some sunny day.

This is my take on the weekly photo challenge.


By your side

This week the weekly photo challenge is about friends. This photo was taken last winter before the twins were born. They’re such sweethearts.

Our cat’s name is Mona. She is a little bit timid and so is our son. They don’t play much together but they respect and defend each other. The boy never teases her. Once, when the boy was only couple of months old, he was crying loudly and heartbreakingly. The timid cat, who comes close to us only when she’s hungry, jumped to my husband’s thigh with her claws and didn’t let go. It felt as if she was really thinking that we were hurting the boy and defending him.

Sometimes we have to tell the cat to get off the dining table or something and the boy on the other hand defends the cat and starts yelling at us “let her stay at the table if she wants to be there!” or “let her go out to play if she wants to!”

Precious moments.



Danger underground

Maybe the title is a little too heavy? Sounds like I’m going to talk about some bad working conditions of the¬†miners or something?

Well I’m going to show you photos of¬†our excursion to an underground electricity station. Station that transfers electricity to a big part of Helsinki. It is located quite close to the center of Helsinki and 30 meters under ground.



It was a very modern and safe station but it did get me thinking about what would happen in case of emergency. Since there can be an emergency anywhere and if you happen to be at a big electricity station, 30 meters under ground, with huge transformers and electricity cables it would easily get fatal. And there are crazy people everywhere.

But we did go. Me, my husband and the boy.

I’m not going to bore you with any details about the station or it’s history. But you know electricity is very abstract. At least for me it’s very difficult to understand how the electricity transfers in a concrete way from the wind mill or nuclear power plant (let’s not go to the dangers of that) to my house. This excursion was very informative and educative for me.

The boy doesn’t really understand what is ‘electricity’ though we tried to explain it. He was excited to get into a tunnel and a cave. ūüėÄ Everyone had to wear a vest and he was very proud of wearing it.

Here are some photos of our day!



Wanderlust Ecuador

I could have put here the same photos from last week. You can check the Finland photos here. Finland is a great destination for a wanderlust.

But this time I wanted to make contrast and show you some photos from my backpacking trip years ago. I traveled around South America and visited some amazing places. These are from Ecuador; Isla de la Plata and the Amazonas.

I’m happy I did those travels back then. Nowadays our holidays are different. Family holidays. As they should be.

Have a lovely week!


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